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Dreaming of Spring

On this cold winter day

My dreams are of  May

The garden alive with its flowers

The sun on my face

The joy of this place

Asserting its magical powers

Blog Photo - Tulips Hosta and Forget Me Nots

Blog Photo - Lilacs and forget Me Nots

Blog Photo - Spring Trees and Flowers

It’s not that I hate you, dear Winter

It’s not that you don’t serve us well

You encourage warm hugs

You kill off bad bugs

I really do think you are swell

Blog Photo - Icy Winter evening

But on this winter day

I wish you would stray

To some place that’s missing you so

And bring them your gifts

Of cold and snow drifts

While my flowers bloom all in a row.

Blog Photo - Arbor in Winter

Photos by Hamlin Grange

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring”

  1. Lovely poem, and I totally agree. We just have to remember that without the winter we would not be able to see the wonder and beauty of May as clearly.

  2. Hi Cynthia
    I enjoyed you poem, it is how I feel about this winter too, I loved seeing your garden photos.

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