A Good Home, Encouraging Others

En- Courage

Photos by Hamlin Grange


Courage is contagious,  you know.

One person’s courage infects another.

I see this every day in our blogging community.  We en-courage each other — with our dreams, creations, projects, relationships, life.  

Even telling someone: “I know you can do this”, can make the difference between that person’s stepping forward or drawing back.

Cynthia and Don Corbett - cropped

And there are other groups that we each belong to. Like my writers group, Spirit of the Hills. My email group, The Loopers.  My church group at St. Thomas’ Anglican. 

We en-courage each other.

We do so when we ourselves act with courage, though scared inside. We do it when we convince someone that — yes —  you can do the thing that frightens you.

Friend Eva Lloyd persuaded me to come to her home — to read and talk about A Good Home shortly after its publication in 2013. I was stuttering, reclusive and generally afraid of my own shadow, but Eva promised me: “You’ll be fine, Cynthia. And what’s more, we’ll all be here for you.”

Book Photo -Cynthia reading

Eva and friends en-couraged me, and I took the risk.

Book - Friends listen at Evas

My husband and I supported artist Don Corbett as he prepared for his art show in 2014, not knowing that Don planned some encouraging of his own. He invited me to do a reading at his show, then gave me a painting (see top photo).

Don en-couraged me.

Cynthia Reading Cropped


At various times in our lives, everyone needs to be encouraged  by others.

Thanks for your encouragement.


“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” Billy Graham

This post is dedicated to everyone who helps others to be courageous.

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88 thoughts on “En- Courage”

  1. Love this and the pictures as well! Sometimes we all need that extra push to move outside our comfort zones. I’d like to stay comfortably in this “zone” forever as tomorrow I turn 50 and for some reason it’s really affecting me. UGH! Will be going on a class trip with my daughter from 6:15 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. so at least my day will be filled with activity and adventure!

    1. A wonderful milestone, Tina. Happy birthday!! Actually, everyone over 40 should celebrate the whole week; think how much we’ve been through by then! so happy birthweek, dear Tina!

  2. Cynthia, your closing quote brought a tear to my eye. And hearing your CBC radio interview stiffened my spine. You are one beautifully courageous and encouraging lady. Go, Cynthia, go!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Such a wonderful post, Cynthia. I’ve been so blessed with en-couragers throughout my life and overwhelmed with the love and support I continue to receive…. Sharing the love just makes it that much more dear. ❤

      1. Well, gee whiz@ How can you have forgotten something so major? (smile) I believe Mothering Sunday took place earlier in Britain, but I’ll wish you a happy Mother’s Day, anyway.

  4. You go, girl! Please realize I am a Southern and that is the ultimate cultural encouragement. You might need some big hair and a little dog with painted toenails to get the full effect.

  5. Oh, I love this post. Good vibes, good energy, love. That doesn’t get enough air time. A lot of us are awfully good to each other–I love hearing about your angels.

    1. Thanks, K. We all need angels in our lives. You, who have so much on your shoulders, need them too. I hope they’re always there when needed. Happy Mother’s Day, K.

  6. Yes, I like this post too – especially the photos. My father posted a saying on the inside of a kitchen cabinet but I am not sure if it was for my mother or his three daughters. It read, “Courtesy is contagious.” I have never forgotten it. Thanks for the reminder! All the best to you. You en-courage all of us.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this. You truly are an encouraging person. I am so glad that I have gotten to know you through blogging. From the first time I read at your blog you came across as a woman of grace and confidence. Then occasionally you would share obstacles that you had to overcome. Then when I read this post I was able to see your joy that came as the result of being encouraged by others. I loved that.

  8. Much of our NZ society is based on themes of punishment and discouragement…….to encourage is to go against the trend. But I believe it is the only way to make a difference. I am glad we encourage each other in our blogs. And how could you not be encouraged by an email group with the gorgeous name of the Loopers!

    1. I think many of us were raised that way. the only feedback was negative. It does such harm to people, especially children. As for the Loopers: they are a bunch of rascals, but they force me to think about what I truly believe.

  9. Yes, you are so right. We all hit rough patches in life, and we sure do need encouragement from family and friends.

    1. It’s a blessing. I used to tell people developing TV show ideas: “Don’t share it till you have the idea firmed up, at least somewhat. And only show it to someone who can respond with both the positives and the weaknesses.” so many great ideas and talents die during gestation because someone discouraged when they should have encouraged.

  10. I was raised among people who did not believe in encouragement, especially for anyone who felt called to be an artist ….poet, painter or musician. They believed that was snobbish, impractical and dangerous. This made life more difficult than it needed to be, for me, but the result has been to make me take the opposite role: encouraging the artist in everyone, everywhere, whenever I can.

  11. What a great post! As I was reading, I was thinking of the encouragement I have had from others through the years, and the one thought that kept popping into my head is that you have been one of the most vocal and consistent in the blogging community, encouraging me to write, to write a book, to pull through. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the kind words you have given me and that they HAVE made an impact. I am listening when you give me words of encouragement, and they are sinking in.

    1. Rose, this is a lovely reply. Thank you SO much. I’m glad they’ve made an impact because your writing is clear, brave and honest. You have a gift, and the courage to use it to share with us the challenges you face.

  12. How true, Cynthis, and, how wise. Thank you for another thoughtful and thought provoking post, it is good to reminded that we should all find time to appreciate those who’ve helped us along the way ….

  13. Beautiful and important message Cynthia – your circle of encouragers gets larger everyday. Thank you for showing your courage and passing it along ~

      1. Thank you Cynthia for your lovely compliment – a great way to start my day. Hope you have a beautiful week ahead.

  14. The thesaurus is always close at hand for this writer: encourage, motivate, inspire, hearten, embolden, prompt, spur – all this and more from and for our friends

  15. This is another great post and so thoughtful too. We all need encouragement at some stage in our lives and hooray and a big bouquet of flowers for those kind people who take the time to help us on our way. Thanks for *your* encouragement, Cynthia.

  16. I love encouragement – in fact I thrive on it. It means so much – that people believe in you. It is so easy for self doubt. I think you are amazing Cynthia, but then so do those that encourage you! Hugs

    1. So true, Julie, and thanks for your kind words. Especially in these rough recent years, encouragement has been important to me. My doctors and therapists believing in me – my relatives and friends who kept encouraging: I would have been lost without them.

  17. We definitely need that. I find that blogging community is great with en-couraging each other. I go out rarely because I simply cannot do it as often as I would love to since my health was making it very hard for the last few months again, but it is great to be involved in mutually encouraging activities at different places. Creative people are very sensitive and they are the ones who also appreciate the friendly support and help.

  18. A wonderful post, Cynthia. And congratulations! I remember the times I was en-couraged to do something I wasn’t sure I could do, but their faith and encouragement pushed me forward–and I was the better for it! 😄

  19. I think the positive about encouraging others is that we learn to find something good in anything. Instead of looking at what’s wrong and being negative, it is so much more constructive to build on strengths not destroy by concentrating on weaknesses.

    1. You do that well in your work, K. It makes the identification of the weaknesses more acceptable because showing someone the real positives in their work makes them feel powerful enough to receive the criticism in a great way. Thank you.

      1. Mindreader! Yes, I was thinking about work. It’s a fine balancing act, not just looking at both aspects, but also giving the right amount of weight to things too. In your case, I wouldn’t use the word ‘weaknesses’ because your writing is strong anyway, rather it was merely making sure it all attained the same level of excellence.

  20. Ahhh, beautiful. May we all be EN- couragers to each other for sure. That’s one of the best things about blogging. So glad you stopped over and visited me at roughwighting. I look forward to reading your posts. Oh, and yes, after I published my first book I was en-couraged to visit some book clubs. So nervous! But the best thing I’ve ever done as a writer (besides write). So much fun listening to readers talk about my characters as if they are real people. Love it. 🙂

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