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The Book is Released!

An Honest House



Dear Friends:

The long wait is finally over.

My new book, An Honest House, is on sale online today – earlier than I expected. 

An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes

An Honest House will be available in some bookstores in June and later, though any store worth its salt will bring it in for you before that.  Just ask.

Here are the Amazon links:

Amazon USA

Amazon Kindle


Amazon Canada


Amazon Kindle

Kobo Books

Amazon UK
When you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Meantime, please help me spread the word.
Thank you for your wonderful support,
Book image An Honest House 1

75 thoughts on “The Book is Released!”

  1. Great! Congratulations on the release Cynthia. Thanks for the heads up that it’s available now for order. Looking forward to diving in.

  2. Yay! Congratulations, dear Cynthia, I can’t wait to start reading it tomorrow while my daughter is at her piano lesson. I read in my car. 🙂
    Abundant Blessings on your book launch ~ Wendy

  3. Posted on Facebook with this comment “In A Good Home, Cynthia Reyes made us welcome guests in her life story. I can’t wait to be part of her life again in An Honest House. So happy for you ( and for us, the lucky readers), Cynthia.”

  4. Enormous congratulations for having overcome such odds and written this book. I’ve just bought it! I am in need of courage and I know it will be wonderful to read. I may not get to it for a bit (2 launches in different parts of the country and I have joined a speakers club to overcome my fear of public speaking as I have to give some talks), but you know I will write about it when I get there.

  5. Reblogged this on chase n chance ranch and commented:
    Cynthia’s blog was one of the first ones I found a few years ago when I entered the blogging world. Her posts and pictures are always full of knowledge, inspiration and truth. Her memoir “A Good Home” was the highlight of my summer reading last year. I have ordered her new book and can hardly wait to dive into it.

    I am sharing her page and her new book in the hopes you will have the time to check it out as I know you will not be disappointed in her writings! Congratulations Cynthia!!

  6. CR,
    Congratulations and Genuine delight in your achievements. Writing a book is giving away a part of your heart. Love & respect,

    1. Patrenco, my dear: Thank you for this kind comment. I love your statement, knowing that it comes from a former publisher: “Writing a book is giving away a part of your heart”.

  7. Excellent. I very much enjoyed A Good Home. Thought it was wonderful and so looking forward to An Honest House! And though a little past Mother’s Day I intend to gift it to all my significant moms! Congrats Cynthia.

  8. Congratulations on your second book, Cynthia! Still working on my second book so I celebrate your accomplishment and achievement. Much happiness and a great sense of pride. Good luck and all the very best wishes!! Carol

  9. Cynthia congrats on the book release! Writing and editing, getting it all out the door-what a process. Nice book cover too. Best wishes on your sales and, as always, keep writing!

  10. Oh wow I missed this! Congratulations, well done, so exciting, you must be so so proud! All the best and enjoy the pleasure of achieving before you pitch yourself headlong into the next task 🙂 Poli

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