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The Nicer Nisser

Ever Heard of the Nisser?

Cynthia Reyes

Inge had a way of always putting the best forward.  A Danish-American living in California, she always found a positive way to view a challenging situation.

She fell off a ladder once. Broke her arm and sustained multiple bruises. The fact that she fell from a ladder while decorating her house for Christmas might have made the situation extra challenging. Who wants to go through Christmas battered and bruised?  But it didn’t stop Inge from being cheerful.  Her daughter is my good friend, and it was one of the things we marveled about: both our mothers’ capacity for seeing the positives. Both women had been through tough times, but came out the other end of it with joyfulness.

Inge also collected Nisser – the tiny elf-people that visit people’s homes. Not surprisingly, she collected the kind, cheerful Nisser, the ones you may see in Scandinavian homes at Christmas.

The Nicer Nisser - 1 The…

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10 thoughts on “The Nicer Nisser”

  1. This is a beautiful memorial post to Inge, Cynthia. I will think of her and the Nice Nisser at Christmas.

    So it is the drille Nissers who have been hiding things from me! Right in plain sight! I would leave a bowl of porridge out except that the cats would think it was for them. 🙂

  2. I have never heard of Nisser, naughty or nice. But ‘ll keep an eye out for them now! Also a lovely tribute to your friend’s mom – I’m sure her positive outlook got Inge far.

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