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A Gaggle and a Giggle

How did the geese cross the road?

Cynthia Reyes

It’s that time of day.

It happens in the spring — at least once in the morning, at least once in the late afternoon.

Sometimes, at the very same time that motorists are returning home from work.

Suddenly, all traffic stops.

image thanks to news.ca Image thanks to news.ca

And everyone waits.

On certain streets of certain Canadian cities.

Image thanks to cbc.ca Image thanks to cbc.ca

This late afternoon, on this particular street,  Mother Goose leads her children across the road.

All seven of them.

A line of tiny, fluffy, yellow and tawny-coloured goslings follows her across, looking neither this way nor that, intent on doing their mother’s bidding.

And she’s intent on getting to the grass on the other side of the wide road.

It’s as if those big, noisy machines weren’t even there.

As if there weren’t humans inside those machines, staring, goggle-eyed.

Staring at the almost regal procession taking place in front of them.

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29 thoughts on “A Gaggle and a Giggle”

  1. Our hospital purchased a 250 acre farm a decade ago and built a new facility on it. The turkeys come out form the wood, cross the road and wander into the ED every once in a while. To capture the run-off from the parking lots, they built a series of ponds. Canada geese are regular guests. — Oscar

  2. I was riding on the Mississippi River this past week and saw many babies and their mothers. They are so darn cute I almost fall off my bike when I see their fuzzy little babies. I want to get off and pet them but mama wants to bite my leg-LOL. I enjoy riding each week and seeing them grow, but never are they cuter when they are floating on the river next to mama or laying in the grass! A big bundle of joy!!!

    1. They really are a sweet sight, Robbie. And the fuzz on the babies — so soft to touch. The mamas are fierce, though. And they give out a hiss to warn anyone who comes close to their babies.

  3. Hmmmm .. I had commented on this and suspect I didn’t hit “Post Comment! Oy. Anyway … I, too, love these moments and have experienced them down this way with ducks, never geese. If all the people in traffic can have the compassion to stop for a goose/duck and her babies, why can’t we humans all get along a little better?

    1. Me too! I had it slated for reblogging, but then Kerry (KerryCan) published a post about duck crossings, and I was inspired to publish mine soon after. So glad we became blogger friends, Clare. Thank you.

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