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In My Dreams…..

… My garden would look like this — and have a full-time gardener to tend it!


43 thoughts on “In My Dreams…..”

  1. Beautiful garden. For me the dream would be to have a full time cleaner for the house, a lottery win so I didn’t have to work and the I’d spend all day gardening!

      1. Where to begin? Wildflowers, a rock garden, a dry river bed that became a creek when it rained, a little bridge crossing this creek. Ferns and willows, birch trees along one side, lots of Japanese maples of all sizes, colors and shapes, little evergreens, more rocks (large ones here and there, and smaller ones lining my path…. ah, I could go on and on. And close to the house all kinds of annuals blooming up a storm, and lavender and mint to attract the bees, and bird baths, and….. Ah what fun to think about! Thanks for asking the question, Cynthia. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’ve delayed answering this, Jeanne. Rough winter and spring, but still counting my blessings (and they are significant), and still remembering to smile — even if I have to force it sometimes! I remember thinking how stupid it was to force oneself to smile, but I think it really does help, and definitely better than tears!

  2. Such a beautiful garden – I’m glad to revisit it with you, Cynthia. I have no garden, but when we go for an early morning walk in the park, before the crowds descend, I feel very blessed. This year everything is amazingly green, the birds fly, hop, run or swim according to their nature, there are hares and chipmunks as well as the usual squirrels and the occasional raccoon and on damp mornings we have to tread carefully to avoid the snails. We have seen deer a few times, hiding in the greenery. The lake is only steps away. It is a beautiful place. I might dream of beautiful gardens, but this place suits me very well.

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