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Meet Myrtle

A story I wrote 27 years ago to comfort my 4 year-old daughter is about to be published.

Illustrated and designed by well-known blogger Jo Robinson, it’s titled “Myrtle the Purple Turtle”.  It’s about a turtle who suddenly realizes she is different from her friends. She doesn’t like it, and tries to change.

The story is about difference, friendship, and overcoming obstacles.

It was inspired by an experience my daughter Lauren had one day when she brought her black doll to her nursery school.

Blog Photo - Myrtle 2 with title

I’d been producing children’s TV shows back then; that may be why I made up this story for Lauren.  It immediately became her favourite. Soon she knew it by heart!

In fact, Myrtle’s story was improved each night, in response to Lauren’s questions and her father’s and older sister’s suggestions.  

Early this year, egged on by my husband and Chris Graham,  the popular British book blogger — and supported by my children — I decided to publish the story in book-form and asked Jo to illustrate it.

So, 27 years later, Myrtle will finally get her time in the sun! 

Another interesting development: Lauren, now one of Canada’s brightest lights in digital media, has been helping to shepherd the book to publication, and will oversee its marketing. 

Jo, meanwhile,  has been working on the illustrations for several months, and is now adding the final design touches to the book.

I’ll share the book cover with you very soon.



90 thoughts on “Meet Myrtle”

  1. Cynthia, I love it already!! 😀 Well done to everyone encouraging to write this in book format and how brillliant that Jo is doing the illustrations. Very exciting and with such super support in marketing too. Best of luck with the launch of your book.

  2. Delighted to make Myrtle’s acquaintance. And I look forward to meeting Myrtle in all her glory when I get my hands on the book. Congratulations, Lady Cynthia

  3. Well, you already know how forward I am looking to “Myrtle” – sounds like you’ve got a great team working with you, too. Can’t beat having the story’s inspiration (Lauren) doing promotion. Wishing you all the success!

  4. I would have loved to have read this book as a child. This sounds like a beautiful, uplifting story for adults as well as children. I loved turtles, and still do. Congratulations to you, Cynthia!

  5. aw, this sounds like a delightful book! please note i have sent you an email – not sure if it may have ended up in your spam box. do take care, and all the very best to you and Myrtle!

  6. Congratulations Cynthia and good luck with the publication – wishing you much success! How nice that something great has come from a connection with your daughter!

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