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The Frozen North

Photos by Hamlin Grange

We’ve had all kinds of weather in the last four days: wind, rain, snow, freezin’ rain. Then more snow and freezin’ rain and wind again.

Hamlin froze his tush off to get these photos today!

Blog Photo - Cardinal in Snow

We hear the birds singing loudly — though methinks it sounds more like complaining today. Who can blame them?

Blog Photo - Dove in Freezing weather 3

This wall must be warm, because a dove has taken refuge on the climbing ivy branches just outside our window. We’re so sorry for him/her that we almost opened the window and said “Come on in!”

Blog Photo - Dove in Freezing weather

Our snowdrops are encased in ice.

Blog Photo - Frozen snowdrops1

The frog, we imagine, is playing a requiem for Spring, because it sure feels like Spring has died and Winter is resurrected.

Blog Photo - Frozen Frog

The poor daffodil buds, about to bloom, have frozen too.

Blog Photo - Frozen daffodils

Blog Photo - Frozen garden ornament

Blog Photo - Frozen Bench 2

In our eagerness for Spring, we put out the warm-weather table and chairs days ago.

Blog Photo - Frozen Deck

Blog Photo - Frozen chair2

The laugh’s on us for forgetting it’s April in Canada. They don’t call our country The Frozen North for nothin’.

65 thoughts on “The Frozen North”

  1. These days feel so “eery” when one lives on the water. So much wind and freezing rain. It’s that time of the year that we watch the lake very carefully yet there is nothing we can do to stop Mother Nature doing her thing – sometimes very destructively.

  2. We always worry in advance about weather-induced travel delays when flying to or from Toronto at Christmas and March Break. But being ice-storm-stayed at Toronto airport for two days in mid-April is unexpected (and unwelcome) even for us winter-hardened New Brunswickers!

  3. Oh boy, just a lovely series on the Frozen North; thank Hamlin for the images. From the frying South it is 85 degrees feels like 94 here and the humidity molecules are stacking up in my hairdo.

  4. We’ll be there in early June. We’ll bring warm weather with us. Here in Oz we are breaking all records for high temperatures in autumn. Some days have been well into the thirties – about 100 on the old scale.

  5. Oh, gosh, Cynthia! It’s even worse where you live in Canada than it is here in Maine. But, it hasn’t exactly been sunshine and flowers in the hinterlands, either. Spring sure is taking her own sweet time.

  6. I have not been tempted outside to take photos, and I’m not sure I would feel inclined to take ones as beautiful as Hamlin’s. We are rocking and rolling and the docks are a nasty mixture of ice pellets and freezing rain. We hope to emerge to calmer weather tomorrow…

  7. The photos are beautiful, Cynthia and Hamlin, and thank you for including that cardinal!

    It has been a very cool, wet spring so far down here. The plums, pear and wild cherries are in full bloom. Our bing and black tartarian cherries and apple trees will follow soon. The blueberries are almost ready to bloom, too.

  8. Crazy weather all round. That dove, Cynthia, is fixing to nest on that window sill. Now that may be okay with you, but…it’s going to be a mess. You’re forewarned. If you let it, it will be best to keep the blinds/shades/drapes closed or it will be flying off when it should be sitting on its eggs. I hope it thaws for you soon!! My cousin gin Door County Wisconsin is getting 8-12 inches this weekend. To late for this!

    1. Iris, you seemed determined to seethe silver lining in the situation. How lovely. But with Canadian winter- spring, every silver lining has a cloud attached… tee hee.

  9. Cynthia, the photos are lovely and so reminiscent of … winter! The poor flowers! Spring has finally, at long last arrived in the UK and it feels wonderful to see sunlight and discard the winter gear … fingers crossed it finds you too soon. Meanwhile, a joy to see your images! Xx

  10. So it’s your fault! It’s putting those patio chairs out! That’s what did it. πŸ˜‰ I have jinxed it here by tentatively venturing out without a vest. πŸ˜‰

    Hope spring is really spring soon.



  11. I think winter just wanted to give Hamlin one last opportunity to take beautiful photos. By the way, I felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t an elegant portrait of the frozen tush. πŸ˜€

      1. We are lucky here, Cynthia. I can’t deny that. Except of course in fire-season, which is the fish season of the year. I spent enough time back east this spring to get a small bit of appreciation for the weather you have been experiencing. Nasty. And you have all of my sympathy. –Curt

  12. Fantastic pictures, Cynthia. Thanks for sharing. I drove at the start of this messy weekend in my town between Toronto and Niagara Falls and it was scary. Don’t remember a mid-April like this. Hope we see a better spring soon. πŸ™‚

  13. You’ll know not to put that patio furniture out too soon, next time! Oh, but how disappointing for you! You manage to talk of the bad weather with humour but I know how frustrated you must be. Hamlin’s photos are excellent as ever.

  14. Hamlin makes the weather look prettier than it deserves to look! We certainly can relate to what you’ve been dealing with (and we put our outdoor furniture out too soon, too!) “They” say a warmup is coming this weekend . . .

  15. I love the dove by the window, it reminds me of a pigeon that used to sit on our bathroom window ledge years ago – probably to get warm. We nicknamed it ‘Charcoal’ as we thought it might be a filter… πŸ™‚

    Nature does have a way of adapting, and it’s lovely to see how new growth is waiting to burst into energy once the snow passes.

  16. How touching is that little dove huddling by your window! It’s been a never-ending winter to be sure. I just put my snow shovel away this Sunday, optimist that I am. Hope the sun is warming your summer furniture – and you – today!

  17. I hope you are finally having better weather. Yesterday was the first day that actually felt like spring.That little dove breaks my heart! I used to have a glass table like that and one day I decided to move it just a little. It shattered into a million pieces–into the tall grass. Ugh. It wasn’t any fun picking glass from grass. Have a great day!

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