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Two Days in Creemore

I’m a country girl. Born in the country, raised in the country, I love country villages and rural areas.

So I was glad to visit the village of Creemore, northwest of Toronto, last weekend. My husband, younger daughter, son-in-law, pet chug Julius and I stayed in a small farmhouse owned by friends of our older daughter.

Blog Photo - Creemore Luaren at the farm

Blog Photo - Creemore Julius at the farm

Blog Photo - Creemore Dan and Julius inside farmhouse kitchen

We were surrounded by farmers’ fields, woods, birdsong, flowers, crickets and spectacular views.

It was also the weekend of the vintage festival and the village was dressed up for the event.

Blog Photo - Creemore bicycle with flowers

Blog Photo - Creemore signs

Blog Photo - Creemore vintage fashion show

Blog Photo - Creemore singers and radio booth

Blog Photo - Creemore church st lukes

Blog Photo - Creemore father and son on street

Blog Photo - Creemore woman takes photo on street

We walked along Creemore’s main street, stopping to make small purchases in the stalls and stores or to eat and drink. Creemore’s beer is deservedly famous.

Blog Photo - Creemore four

Blog Photo - Creemore springs Brewery copper vat

At Chez Michel restaurant, the food was excellent and the staff attentive and friendly. 

Blog Photo - Creemore Group Photo at Chez Michel

 In fact, everyone we met was friendly. We chatted with many people and — as you can see, above, we were happily photo-bombed by some!

Blog Photo - Bakery and Cafe

Blog Photo - Creemore brakery sign about unattended children

Creemore has that homey feeling that I associate with my favourite villages and small towns. (And yes, that’s really a cup-and-saucer chandelier below.)

Blog Photo - Creemore bakery chandelier with cups

Blog Photo - Creemore friends meet in bakery

Blog Photo - Creemore sign in bakery - WIFI

But like most rural villages, Creemore needs outside support to thrive. Events like the vintage festival attract visitors and locals alike.

Blog Photo - Creemore Vintage Festival sign

Outsiders who have fallen in love with Creemore also help by building/buying houses there and spreading the word among their networks. 

Blog Photo - Creemore sign things to do

Well-known interior designer Sarah Richardson and her husband are among the influencers who are big Creemore supporters.  Sarah, one of HGTV’s stars, renovated a home in the village for her TV series, and she and her husband recently built and moved into an “off the grid” house in Creemore — also televised.

Blog Photo - Creemore girl on fountain statue

When it comes to helping our villages survive and thrive, every bit helps.


Thanks to Hamlin Grange and Dan Leca for the beautiful photos.

37 thoughts on “Two Days in Creemore”

  1. You’ve whetted my appetite for a visit to Creemore! And I counted four teapots on the dinner table – that is a good thing!!

  2. I love small villages and towns. I am so NOT a city girl! Positively loved your photos. The farm house sounds amazing, and I got a kick out of the “pretend it’s 1995” sign. More people need to do that when they go out to dine!

  3. That looks wonderful. I like the sign about no wifi “talk to each other like it’s 1995.” And small-town festivals are about as good as it gets. Great photos, Cynthia. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What fun! Also enjoyed seeing pictures of your family, especially that darling Julius. (What a great name!)

  5. Love these shots! They give us a real flavor for your stay and the town. I love visiting small towns and always wonder if I could live in them–but I know I couldn’t for long. I sure do like to visit, though. Thanks for letting me vicariously enjoy your trip:).

  6. Wow! I think Jill is onto something here. I would so love to visit there. Your photos generate a feeling of happiness. I looked up the designer and have here bookmarked to view. Thank you. What a wonderful place to visit or live.

  7. Looks like you had a great time!
    I had to look up ‘Chug’ as I’ve never seen one before. What a sweet little dog. 🙂

  8. Creemore has a lovely, welcoming look–and the festival sounds very appealing! What a nice time you must’ve had, and better yet that you shared it with your family!

  9. Creemore very much reminds me of the small town I grew up in Texas. Loved the “talk to each other like it’s 1995” sign. The town sounds like a nice place to visit if I go by all the smiles I saw.

  10. What a beautiful town, Cynthia! I love the sign about no WiFi. 🙂 Every little bit does help to keep a small town alive. Many thanks to Hamlin and Dan for providing the photos!

  11. Creemore looks like a wonderful place to stay! You all look as though you enjoyed your time there. Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely photos, Cynthia!

  12. I understand you enjoyed this stay in this village completely surrounded by fields and woods ; and the vintage festival where everyone is participating . The Michel restaurant looked good too ! 🙂
    Love ❤

  13. Thanks for the visit to Creemore, Cynthia. I haven’t gotten around to trips such as this in a while and really enjoyed the wanderings through this lovely village. And no wi-fi – go Creemore! Jeanne

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