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Wanna hear my daughter and me reading Myrtle?

Big thanks to radio hosts Felicity and Gwynn for this interview with my younger daughter Lauren, for whom Myrtle the Purple Turtle was written 28 years before it was (recently) published.

You can hear us reading the book too!  


Myrtle Book Cover

16 thoughts on “Wanna hear my daughter and me reading Myrtle?”

  1. Love this and listened to your entire visit on the program. Your story is awesome! My younger daughter’s first Cabbage Patch doll was a little black boy named Vinnie Jules. He was her favorite doll, ever, and she still has the doll (even into her 40s:)

  2. I did not realize, Cynthia your book Myrtle the Purple turtle has been written some years ago before to be published .
    I would have liked to hear the spoken radio but I am deaf to the English spoken : reader only!
    Do you think we can hope a translation in French .
    Love ❤

  3. I am listening right now, Cynthia and Lauren. It is good to hear your voices! 🙂

    I agree with Chris. The audio version of your book will be a great addition to the printed one. ❤

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