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The Sweetest Note

The ebook of Myrtle’s Game has been a #1 New Release on and a #1 Bestseller in its category on

Now the paperback has been released as well. Myrtle’s Game is available on all the Amazons

Myrtle's Game Book Cover
Myrtle’s Game

The first response to the book comes from Madden, 5 years old. When your readers are young, you get the sweetest responses. 

Blog Photo - Myrtle Reader Madden sends a note

“You are so cool and nice,” Madden writes, “I love your book. Thank you.”

Madden’s note was sent to Lauren, my co-author of Myrtle’s Game. We both grinned with delight when we read it. THANK YOU, Madden (and Kenzie too)!

You may recall seeing Madden on my blog before. His mother, Julia, allowed us to publish her review of Myrtle the Purple Turtle, and here are Madden and younger sister Kenzie, reading that book a year ago.

Blog Photo - Myrtle Readers Madden and Kenzie and mother's review

Madden, now 5 years old, loves both soccer and turtles, his mother says, and perhaps that explains the immediate response to the book. He also plans to be either a pro soccer or hockey player, and a songwriter. 

To order Myrtle’s Game: 

To order Myrtle the Purple Turtle:


38 thoughts on “The Sweetest Note”

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Myrtle’s Game was originally “Myrtle’s Favourite Game”, till we realized that many American readers would see the word ‘Favourite’ as mis-spelled. Must be hard for others to understand why we have different versions of English, eh?

      1. Goodness. I would just have assumed it was someone using British English! It IS interesting how language evolves. Just since I was in school diagramming sentences, uses of words and parts of speech have changed and new words have arrived. Remember that no prepositional endings rule? Because Latin didn’t allow it… Ah well, I bet Myrtle’s game is just as good with an extra u in some words. Happy new year, Cynthia!

  1. There is nothing like a comment from a child. You can always bank on it being honest and heartfelt. Congrats to you, Cynthia, and as always I wish you continued success, if for no other reason, because you are so “cool and nice.” 🙂

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