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Three Things

THING 1:  A play will be staged this spring in Toronto and surprise, surprise: there’s a character based on me and my true-life involvement in the hiring of Toronto’s first female firefighter. I’ve been told from someone who saw a reading that the actor playing the role is very strong.

To which I said: I hope the character is as “full of piss and vinegar” as I was back then!

(It’s true: I wasn’t always the sweet, gentle person you know now – ahem.)

THING 2:  Longtime followers of my blog may recall a piece I wrote about how we ended up living in places where there are no other people of colour for miles. A radio host interviewed me recently — about my books, my passion for kicking doors open for others to walk through — and what it feels like to always be the minority.

You will hear that interview here

THING 3:  Otherwise, I’ve been helping to take care of the most important person in this household, a 15 month-old who runs the place and has us twisted around her little finger. She is a delight, and seems to like my sock drawer – she never seems to tire of throwing out my socks, then, at her leisure, putting them back in. At times, she stops, sticks up a foot and insists that I put my socks on her feet, which makes me laugh.

Postscript:  It’s snowing here again, but we cannot complain as the winter hasn’t been terrible this year – so far. The last 2 words are important because this is Canada, my home and much-loved land.  The flower above is to cheer you and me both.

Take care of yourself, wherever you are.

47 thoughts on “Three Things”

  1. Lovely interview. Shades of Belfountain plus the synopsis of a favourite Myrtle the Turtle series resonated. Your heart and your advocacy came through. Congrats.

  2. Congratulations, Cynthia! What an honor to have a character based on you and your role in Toronto hiring their first female firefighter! I enjoyed hearing the interview, and I find strength and hope in how you live your life. I also enjoy hearing your voice!

    1. I set the events in motion, so am a key character, Brad, but the main character is the woman who allowed me to talk her into doing what I suggested. It must have been tough for her.

  3. That’s really fun and great to be put in a play. I like the interview. You have done all sorts of things and some really good work mentoring and advocating. I think it’s something you’ll keep doing and all for the good. I too sometimes get frustrated with black history or women’s history months because it’s all history and actually there all the time, but the good thing is I always learn a new thing or nugget during those times because of the extra focus. But people do use the time to program, alas. Good interview! and now I know your voice.

  4. How exciting! I enjoyed your interview and I do believe we need to educate and expose children very early on to the many different kinds of people. As for the weather, we are recovering from a blast of cold from the far north.

    1. Oh, wait: are you blaming me for the blast? Hahaha. I couldn’t resist. Glad you are recovering from it. We get them frequently, and wish you would send a blast from “the far south” up here in February or March.

  5. This made me smile for so many reasons. I’ve always used that term, first for my mother and my kids use it for me. Like you, I’m mostly soft spoken and genteel but I will crawl over any obstacle to defend something I believe in or someone that needs help. We all need more of the P&V side. Congrats on the play. That will bring more attention to the great divide. How wonderful to have little feet romping all over the place. Winter? You have had lots of it where we in the PNW have had a couple of whammy days and then the sun shines. It brought it’s own brand of destruction to make sure we knew it had passed through but I think we are done now. Do you need more socks for her to play with? 😉

    1. I love your reply. Glad to know you are a P&V sister under the surface there! I’m sure the wee one would welcome some more socks. She cracks me up. Stay safe and well, Marlene.

  6. Congratulations, Cynthia. How strange will you find it, watching a play with you in it? Your grand-daughter sounds adorable! Life is written anew when we have children and I am sure it is the same again when we find we are grandparents.
    My younger daughter loved underclothes – her own, I hasten to add – and would wear her knickers on her head and put her socks on her ears. I entered the kitchen one day and found all the drawer and cupboard knobs had a pair of knickers dangling from them. She has grown out of it I’m glad to say but it was very amusing at the time.

  7. Congratulations for being recognized for your involvement in the hiring of Toronto’s first female firefighter! What an honor!! I enjoyed listening to your radio interview and learning about the genesis of the much-beloved Myrtle the Turtle books.

  8. Will the play be videoed for subscription viewing at a later date? Like this?

    Our (now two-and-a-half year old) grandson (whom we have not hugged since Christmas – sigh!), used to specialise in the laundry basket while helping me fill/empty the machine. He liked to wear pants on his head – the sock drawer seems preferable.

    1. Oh, I love these stories, Hilary! Made me giggle. My grandie went through the laundry basket phase too and will likely return very soon. Yes, the play will, I believe, be recorded. I’m trying to pretend I’m cool about it by not asking the playwright many questions at this stage, as I only recently found out. will let you know when I know.

  9. I’m working on my 2020 photo album slowly this seasons. Just downloaded some photos of peonies from last summer. It does feel like winter around here with snow/sleet, packing to ice under tires driving over the mess. I spent the weekend moving gravels onto the ice to melt it. Congrat’s on the character in the play, and your mixed up sock drawer – Oscar

    1. It’s so good to hear from you, Oscar! Sorry about all the snow. An African American women’s group has many women from Texas and Louisiana where they are still shocked by the terrible cold, ice and snow. They have labelled this travesty SNOVID.
      Take care, you and Lady L.

      1. SNOVID…. ha, ha, ha. That’s right up there with Snowzilla that hit New England a few years ago (remember when Boston stress could not be plowed because there was no where to pile the snow any more and people could not get to their cars for a month?)

  10. Cynthia, how wonderful is this! To be acknowledged for being a door-kicker-opener, for having yourself portrayed on stage for making a groundbreaking hire, and having such young sweetness in your life. Congrats on all fronts. And thanks for the cheery flower – we’ve had more snow than I many years past!

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