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Autumnal Tasks (reblogged)

Autumn is here, rustling all of the leaves

Soon ’twill be time to take care of the eaves

Last time we didn’t, we paid a big price

The eavestroughs were clogged, a magnet for ice


And speaking of leaves, I’ve had cause to wonder

Why don’t they stay near their trees over yonder?

Why does the wind blow them into our place

Why, when around them is so much free space?

Photo by Hamlin Grange

And speaking of wind, there’s a shutter gone loose

Far up near the roof, nearly high as the spruce

And if it should fall, it may land on our heads

Or just fly away as we sleep in our beds


And speaking of beds, there’s the garden to tend

And errors we really must hasten to mend

Those wild strangling vines and the tough creeping Jenny

You put up with one and you end up with many.


And speaking of errors, that tree we bought little

Has outgrown its place — but is fit as a fiddle

Too big to dig up but too nice to chop down

Which leaves us between both a smile and a frown


And speaking of digging, some pesky wild thing

Has me gathering stones, and I’m ready to fling

It’s digging  our daffodil bulbs from the soil

It’s making a mockery of all our hard toil


“You terrible wretch!” all my dignity’s lost

(Those bulbs must be planted before the hard frost)

“You do this once more and I’ll wring your foul neck!”

But Squirrel just smirks and says: “What the heck?”

Cynthia Reyes.

33 thoughts on “Autumnal Tasks (reblogged)”

  1. So much to write about in Autumn; ask any squirrel. I enjoyed your poem, Cynthia. It’s like you visited my yard, and got right inside my head. 🧡

  2. Your poem made me laugh so much, Cynthia! I think everyone of your list of chores has been discussed in this house too and squirrels and deer and their incursions and the damage they cause . . . ugh! 😀

  3. A beautiful light-hearted poem, Cynthia! I also had bulbs dig up by something, though we don’t see many squirrels here. Perhaps Mr. Chipmunk was busy at work? And there are always plenty of deer to confound us. 🙂

    1. It’s always lovely to drop in on you, my friend. I’ve done little blogging in the last 2 years. Little writing, for that matter. Have been dedicated to helping with our grandbaby – now a toddler. I will be trying again in the weeks and months ahead. thanks for visiting my blog and liking the post.

  4. They can be frustrating, those little squirrels – problem is, they’re so damn cute. Around here, it seems that it’s the moles who eat the bulbs; squirrels seem to be just caching their nuts. Happy Thanksgiving, Cynthia!

    1. It was that way this year – the leaves stayed on longer. I have always wishes for an extended early autumn – though this year, while loving it, I also heard the drumbeat of the climate change conference and warnings.

  5. I LOVE this poem, Cynthia. Besides being well-written and smart and witty, it speaks to my experience also. And our squirrels also took our bulbs away. Urgh!! When we yell at them, they climb up the trees and laugh in loud chatter back down at us.

    1. I sometimes wonder what the little wretches are thinking. then I try to remember we are all God’s creatures. But in my younger days, I might have thrown a large pebble in their general direction.

      1. Haha. I have become “friends” with those in our yard. If you can’t beat them, join them. But I must admit, I want their friendship more than they want mine. 🙂 🙂

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