American Standard Speed Connect Faucet Giveaway

Over the holidays my family had a great opportunity to give our powder room a “mini makeover”, courtesy of  American Standard Canada.


I’m not sure if you’re aware, but in addition to being an award-winning writer-now-author, I have given myself the title of most inept handy (wo)man in all of Canada. So, imagine my excitement (and relief) when American Standard gifted me with their gorgeous Time Square Monoblock Faucet that comes with Speed Connect, a pre-assembled drain that makes installation quick and easy. Even luckier for me was when Hamlin, my wonderful husband, offered to assemble the new faucet.

american standard speed connect installation

Actually, he grabbed it, no doubt thinking: “A pretty, shiny thing for me to experiment with!” With the faucet in one hand and his iPad loaded with American Standard’s installation video in the other, within 90 minutes Hamlin had the faucet installed and ready to use.

american standard speed connect

He was so pleased with his achievement that he suddenly caught the decor bug and was styling the entire room with candles, artwork, towels and a new bath rug. We’ve received so many compliments from visiting friends and relatives over the holidays on our new powder room. The faucet really brings a modern look and feel which is exactly what it needed.

american standard speed connect 3

Better yet, it was easy to install.

What’s even better? I get to share. One of my blog readers residing in Canada can win their own beautiful Speed Connect faucet. Entry is easy – simply leave a comment below. For additional entries (and to increase your chances of winning), follow the instructions here. Contest ends January 31, 2016. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Post script: 

Congrats to Valerie Theberge of Quebec, Canada, who will receive a beautiful new faucet from American Standard.

Thanks again to American Standard Canada and to everyone who took part!

Blog post images c/o: Hamlin Grange


63 thoughts on “American Standard Speed Connect Faucet Giveaway”

  1. Spiffy faucet and gorgeous makeover on your powder room, Cynthia. I look forward to the day I can post indoor pictures again. We live in a cute house–but it’s still a before picture. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. There is so much to do to make our house look the way I imagine it. But I vowed in the fall of 2014, that I would be happy with what I have until that day comes when and if I need to change things. Of course, I do get irritated when things break down, but I force myself to write a very silly poem about it so I can smile. Happy day to you, Wendy!

      1. Cynthia, when the sun shines through my dirty windows onto my dusty wood floors, I love my home as is. A family lives here–and that’s beautiful. I read a book to my kids a few years ago about a family whose house was stuffed with a menagerie of people, pets and books, and it sounded cozy (Ours was anything but—since I was a ticky-boo-nut). Now our place is like the one in the book. 🙂 A messy kitchen means my kids are alive and well. But I’m blessed lately in that they clean it up before they go to bed. And in the morning I make coffee in a clean kitchen. Life is good. xo

  2. THAT is a very snazzy faucet, Cynthia! Congratulations on another new home project completed! I’m always amazed when any of these installation projects I’ve done here actually WORK at the end of the effort, and I start them with the OPPOSITE of Hamlin’s enthusiasm – what a gift to be mechanically inclined!

    1. I think photography would be his first choice! But I was shocked that he proceeded to haul paintings and candlesticks etc. into the powder room and before I knew it, decor was done and there he was photographing his great work.

  3. Men love sink sets, my husband does as well. I don’t believe I have ever been called upon to select one.
    Your bath does look great – it is the same color as my kitchen.

      1. Gadget-y then the computer stuff, then there is the audio visual equipment I refer to as blinking black boxes. Of course, I really can’t figure out how to turn all the components on.

  4. What a very nice practical thing to be given Cynthia, it sounds as if the holidays were filled with visitors too, every good wish to you and yours for this coming year.

  5. It is amazing what a difference just one new thing can do! It gave Hamlin the inspiration to restyle your powder room and the whole of your family and all your visitors have benefited. We get used to our homes and put up with inefficiencies and tired decor and furniture mainly because of lack of inspiration/energy even more than lack of money. It looks lovely Cynthia! Congratulations to you and to Hamlin your style guru 😉

  6. I love the faucet. I have learnt the hard way what a cheap faucet will do. We bought our house and they had put a cheap faucet in… well the plastic I’m it broke and caused 20k in damaged from the leak. Our plummer told us he sees this all the time cause the faucets are crap. Moral of the story invest in a great quality faucet.

    1. It really is amazing. Mostly, when I visualize the way I’d like a room to look, I imagine it all being changed — which makes it unaffordable to me. But one small touch does make a difference.

  7. Your bathroom looks beautiful, Cynthia. You’re giving me some ideas and incentive to start working on ours. We’re trying to make our “new” house more ours now that we’re getting settled! Hope all is well! 😀

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