First doctor got it only part right .

In fact three breaks from below knee to foot

Wonderful care at the new hospital   Will tell you more lately

new full length cast  sorry for any typos  I’m not all here



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Woman Down 

Sorry friends.

I got into some trouble. 

A bad PTSD episode was triggered by a psychiatric assessment where I did my best to be positive and not allow myself to be triggered. Yea, right. 

Despite the fact the doctor was pleasant and helpful I was obviously kidding myself. Bizarre days and nights followed. 

Things got worse on Sunday morning. I stood up and pain shocked me. I lost consciousness, fell and broke the ankle of my good leg.  So now I have two legs that are injured. 

Thank God for my loving husband, daughters and sons in law. They have been taking good care of me. 

I miss reading your posts but even writing this is major for me. Please take care of yourselves and pray for my husband, Hamlin. Poor guy. 


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