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Today is my younger sister’s birthday, and these flowers are for her.


Blog Photo - Flowers for Sister Yellow Lily

I was the older sister, and for most of our lives, the more accomplished. She looked up to me, as I looked up to our older sisters.

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But for some time now, I’ve been the one who’s looked up to her.

My little sister has quietly become one of my heroes.

Blog Photo - Flowers for Sister White Daisy

She’s overcome many painful challenges.

Her marriage dissolved.

She went back to school while the children were still young. Went back to earn new qualifications that would pay the bills.

She raised her three sons, mostly on her own. Three beautiful young men.

Today she’s also a loving grandmother of two.

Blog Photo - flowers for Sister Yellows 1My sister’s faith and optimism are a joy to behold.

I’ve leaned on that strong faith in recent years. Hers and my other siblings’.

Through frequent phone calls from the U. S., where she lives, my younger sister has helped keep me afloat during tough times.

Blog Photo - Flowers for Sister - Single MG

She talked to me at times when I couldn’t even hold a conversation.

Over and over, she called. Encouraging. Assuring me that there would be brighter tomorrows.

Blog Photo - Flowers for Sister Yellow primroses

But it’s what she’s done for others that’s moved me most profoundly over these several years. 

She established scholarships — in our parents’ names — for children from poor families in the Jamaican countryside where we once lived. She started with two – twin girls – providing money for their high school fees and other expenses.

Blog Photo - Flowers for Sister Red Bee Balm

Then she asked the rest of us to contribute if and when we could.

Today, those scholarships have helped 8 young people. All of them are bright children from poor families – much poorer than we were.

My sister delights in their progress.

Blog Photo - Last Orange Lily

And she never lets the rest of us forget that through these scholarships, we are changing lives.

Helping others to get an opportunity that changed our own lives.

An education.

Painting by Muriel Mason
Painting by Muriel Mason

Happy birthday, Jackie.

And thank you. 

God bless.

57 thoughts on “FLOWERS FOR MY SISTER”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jackie. 🙂

    Not dissimilar to the changing relationship dynamic with your sister, Cynthia, I find that I now look up to one of my (three younger) sisters. And she is not the sibling I was closest to through our teens and early adult life. Now that she has grown into herself, she has become my “rock.” Isn’t it interesting how relationships change over time? 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely sister. Sisters are treasures. Brothers aren’t bad either :D. I don’t have an older sister but I do have a younger one. She’s a marvel. Her birthday is next week. September sisters must be extra special. 🙂

    1. Happy birthday to your marvelous younger sister, Gallivanta. Is she like you or very different? I marvel at how each of my sisters – and yes, my brother – is so different from the rest.

      1. Too young – several years younger than me. Otherwise, you just know that my two adventurous older sisters would have forced her through the same thing too! (Big smile)

  3. A heartwarming and inspirational tale of family love and support. Relationships like this are so special and I am so pleased that as the years have rolled by that you have been there for each other. Life is full of twists and turns we never expect, but often, it is those tough places which we find ourselves in which change us for the better. Three cheers for loving friends and sisters and especially for jackie!

  4. Reblogged this on seeking querencia and commented:
    What a blessings to be close to and love a person that you’ve known her entire life. Your sister sounds like a compassionate and inspirational person. It goes to show that age does not always indicate the degree of wisdom. Please wish her a belated happy birthday for me. Blessings to you both, Lydia

    1. Well, young lady – you’re not too shabby yourself. Your posts are remarkable and I expect to read them in book form one day soon. Encouragement for parents in the difficult but rewarding job of raising beloved children.

  5. What a wonderful story Cynthia. ( a good one for the compassion games!) I’m glad you have the love and support of your sister Jackie. She sounds like a great sister and model. I am the oldest with a younger brother. We weren’t close growing up, but finally there is a growing bond and respect, at least from my side.
    Blessings and happy birthday to Jackie.

  6. Love the tribute to your little sister. She sounds like an amazing person. I can so relate to the sister-love that can run truly strong and deep — I have my own little sister and it amazes me each day the strong and powerful and brave things she does, just takes me breath away and I am often moved to tears. Here’s to sisters!

    1. Here’s to sisters!
      And here’s to you.
      You are kind to others even in your own challenging times.
      Glad you have that bond with your sister.
      Here’s to you and your sister, Rosa.

  7. A wonderful post about your sister. The flower photos are beautiful too. I am glad you have such a close and loving family. I don’t see or hear from my brother and sister very often nowadays. We used to be very close but despite my efforts they don’t get in touch as much as I would like. They are very busy with their own jobs and families and they are to be commended for that. Oh dear, that sounds miserable – it isn’t at all – they are wonderful parents to their children and they both do really good important jobs. My brother was a policeman for thirty years and when he retired he started work for the prison service and teaches prisoners. He calls them his ‘lads’ and really wants to give them a reason to go straight when they get out. My sister is a lead paramedic and saves lives regularly. She teaches and trains ambulance workers.

    1. You know, Clare, I can relate to that. Except, it used to be ME being so busy with raising my kids and having a high-flying career that my relatives probably didn’t see enough of me. You’re proud of your brother and sister but at the same time, would love to see them more.

      Our family was always loving but there were years when we were all so busy, (and living in different countries didn’t help) we weren’t as close as we are now — when we’re all older and the kids have grown up…. and so have we. (smile)

  8. I never had a sister but when I had two girls close in age, they were friends when younger, but now they are far apart for one lives in Europe and the other is in USA..They really don’ t talk much anymore….I hope some day, they feel the way you do about each other….What a beautiful post to your sister—-you are very blessed to have an inspiring sister:-)

  9. It sounds like Jackie has become a hero to more than just her sister. What a lovely woman she is, an inspiration, plus a best friend to you – as you have been to her – when you needed her most. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to siblings. You have been blessed.

      1. Aw shucks… 🙂 the signing was quiet but I sold a couple of books, gave out lots of book marks and talked to quite a few people. Had a couple of endorsements of my selling technique – people who loved it but weren’t into the product. And a web mate who lives nearby and writes books, too, came along and said hi, which was lovely.



  10. Life has a way of throwing all of us for a loop now and then but even in the worst of times there is beauty and kindness. ❤

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