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Have a laugh at my expense – one of my faves

Cynthia Reyes

How hard could it be to make your own Christmas arrangement?  Looks easy enough in the magazines, and on the internet, right?

Christmas Arrangement - viaGoogle Images Photo – via Google Images

It’s almost Christmas and I’m surrounded by women who cook and bake AND do great home decor. My sister, daughters, mother-in-law,  sister-in-law, girlfriends: domestic goddesses, every one.  Some even sew and knit.

I,  meanwhile, am a failed domestic diva.  I baked a cake – once.  I failed knitting – twice.  I try – Lord knows I try – but I’m still an exceptionally underachieving cook.

But it’s Christmastime, after all. A time of great hope.

Angel and Ball Angel and Ball

So I decided to make Christmas stuff. The kind of stuff that won’t give my family indigestion,  catch fire and burn (as the solitary cake did), or that anyone needs to wear. (That sock I tried to knit is indescribable AND a family joke.)


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13 thoughts on “The Un-Domestic Diva”

  1. Thank you for another smile maker, Cynthia. Your addition of garlic was perfect. I prefer arrangements that make me say, “I never thought of that one–how clever.” Pinterest is decorator heaven. But it’s always the unique ideas that grab my attention the most. I was one of those students who took all science classes instead of art, and regretted it. I love making things. But I admire people who can ace science and math exams without studying their brains out like I had to do.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. I love the garlic bulbs! How very creative. It’s wonderful that you are able to use parts of your garden in your arrangements. I think they are beautiful.
    Whenever I ‘try’ something new, I always have to remind myself that it’s the journey that’s important, not the destination.

  3. The garlic bulb is very creative! The arrangements look perfectly OK to me. The process of creativity, no matter how one might think it turns out, is always the most important thing. Enjoy whatever you take on as a project – Rule 1 🙂

  4. People fret too much about making something look right. Blame those early elementary school “art projects” which all looked suspiciously alike by command. After that experience the eyes strut forward and take command from the brain…and the eyes just don’t have it. Toss some stuff together quickly and leave before you inner self scolds “That ain’t right”.
    It’s no fun it you aren’t having fun!

  5. Anyone who uses garlic bulbs in an arrangement gets the prize for creativity from me. And as you say, no vampires will come near you. I call that a win- win situation. Well done on your beautiful Xmas arrangement.
    (I hate sewing. Just looking at a sewing needle brings me out in hives.)

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