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Fabulous Advent Calendars, Blogger-Style

Am greatly enjoying blogger Karen Pickerings’s Musical Advent Calendar, the BBC’s cathedrals and carols, Kerry’s unorthodox Advent musings, and Gallivanta’s reflections at Advent. Here is one of Karen’s daily offerings: fabulous music each day.

28 thoughts on “Fabulous Advent Calendars, Blogger-Style”

  1. One of my favourite carols at school. I’ve read another advent calendar where people submit short stories for each day. But as I can’t keep up with daily blogs, I miss most of them πŸ˜€

  2. thank you Ms. CR OD, once again your writings and choice of music does it for me, every time. Best to you and Mr. CR.. hope you are well.
    A merry and holy Christmas and new Year…
    Tony and Buttercup

    1. I was not aware of these blogs and thank you for this post. When I was in grammar school and sang in the choir, this was a song we practiced each year and performed at Midnight Mass. Many memories from this lovely, haunting piece.

      1. Perhaps it’s the bloggers I follow, but there definitely seems to be a marking of advent and its different traditions. I find it interesting the way calendars have changed – when I was little there were calendars that just had pictures and a bigger picture for the last day and I loved the magic of it, whereas now it’s usually all about chocolate, although I’ve seen them with candles, beauty products and other things.

      2. I know. I was frustrated – it was all about chocolate Advent calendars. I wanted to make my own this year, but with an inspiring/joyful quote under each tab, but my time ran out.

      3. That sounds like a great idea Cynthia – maybe next year! I liked reading about the Scandinavian tradition of lighting a candle on each Sunday of advent with an appropriate prayer on Trini Lind’s blog and then Gallivanta’s blog with a different flower arrangement for each week.

      4. Yes, I like them too. But don’t people do that in the UK? It’s a tradition here too, making Advent crowns (coronnes in French) and lighting a candle each Sunday of Advent.

      5. I think some people do Cynthia, but advent isn’t really a big thing here – I’m not a Christian but even growing up when I did go to church there wasn’t much in the way of celebrating advent.

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