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We are all Myrtle the Purple Turtle

I promised to tell you when Myrtle is published. It is!

New on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk, the print version of Myrtle the Purple Turtle is now available! The reviews have started and I’m enormously grateful for the strong positive reactions.

Twice now, reading a review of Myrtle, I’ve been moved to tears. Please read Andrea Stephenson’s powerful review below:

Harvesting Hecate

From the beginning, it seems, I was always going to be different.  I began life upside down, and from then on, I struggled to find my place in the world.   At times, the difference was visible: the splint I wore as a young child to correct what was then called ‘clicking hips’; the Bells Palsy that for a while paralysed half my face; the period when I made myself stand out with black make up and spiked hair.  At times, the difference wasn’t as obvious: a period of childhood deafness; my sexuality; the feeling that I didn’t quite fit.  So when, in high school, I was targeted by bullies, I was never sure why.  I could only assume there was something wrong with me.

Like many kids, I endured the casual but brutal name-calling so endemic in schools; the name-calling that spotlights any sign of difference.  But I was also targeted by an older…

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27 thoughts on “We are all Myrtle the Purple Turtle”

  1. Interesting timing because I just listened to a news report about a 12 year old shooting his bully. I think your book can help this terrible situation we have found ourselves in when you not only have to deal with the bully but also social media. Wonderful post, and I especially liked the closing about the blogging community. I hope it is a huge success. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Judy. What a sad news report. I hope that Myrtle can get to children early. It launched in Canada as Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release in children’s books, and also #1 in its category. I’m hoping to see some American reviews, as that can help the book become known. Thanks again!

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