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Life moves in such surprising ways – Guest Post by Cynthia Reyes…

I’m honoured to have my behind-the-scenes tale published by Chris Graham, literary blogger. Chris is a great champion of writers and the independent publishing sector, and someone we authors admire tremendously. I hope you like this:

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

I once wrote a story to comfort my young daughter Lauren, who felt rejected by classmates for bringing her beloved black Cabbage Patch doll to school. Lauren was deeply hurt by their rejection.

The bedtime story I wrote for Lauren was about a purple turtle who goes to extreme lengths to change her colour so she can fit in with the others. Myrtle the purple turtle became part of our family’s life but we had no idea how she would affect our lives in the decades to come.


Fast forward nearly 28 years to October 2017: Myrtle makes her big debut. Her story, illustrated by artist Jo Robinson, is published. It receives rave reviews from readers and various media.

Canadian Living, Canada’s top magazine on family, food and home, publishes a glowing review:

Inspired by the experience of one of her own daughters, Canadian writer Cynthia Reyes has…

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18 thoughts on “Life moves in such surprising ways – Guest Post by Cynthia Reyes…”

  1. Hi Cynthia, I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your guest post on Chris Graham’s blog.

    Myrtle is a wonderful character and I’m delighted your second book about her, ‘Myrtle’s Game’, co-written with your daughter Lauren and gorgeously illustrated again by Jo Robinson, is off to a flying start. Congratulations!

    How amazing to think you created Myrtle 28 years ago as a bedtime story for Lauren, then a young girl, but it wasn’t until 2017 that ‘Myrtle the Purple Turtle’ was published.

    And how wonderful that Myrtle’s adventures not only enthral young readers but convey such affirmative, liberating messages. We’re all of us different in one way or another: take pride in it. Value your friends. And aim high.

    Your kitchen table collaboration has borne wonderful fruit in ‘Myrtle’s Game’. So more power to your elbow, both of you. Jo Robinson too, of course. I shall look forward to hearing about book # 3 in the series in due course.

    My very best,


    1. How kind of you to take the time to both read the article and respond, Paul. Thank you. You nailed the messages and values in the books. Thanks again! And for your best wishes. Our best wishes to you, too.

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