A Good Home

Happy New Year

We measure a year in months and milestones

Birthdays and other anniversaries

The goals achieved, honours received

And various victories.

Blog Photo - Birthday celebration

These things we dream of, yearn for, live towards

The dates forecast in calendars

And marked off by celebrations

Of our lives.


I wish you all that and more.

Blog Photo - Garden - Butterfly on Mint

But when I wish you a happy new year

I know there may also be losses

And challenges, and dirty dishes

Because this is life.

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Maple Leaves

Blog Photo - Keith+Curnow and wife - credit Ron Fanfair

And so I wish you:



For when things turn out crazy

Blog Photo - flowers with alium closer


On days of loss or disappointment

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem CR Thinking


In times of uncomfortable change

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Hydrangea in Rain


In the small things, not just the big ones

Blog Photo - Doggies in window



For the gifts you’ve had and will receive


Blog Photo - Reyes-Grange family with Kinu

Blog Photo - Jerome sitting

Photo by Hamlin Grange


For tomorrow and the morrow after

Blog Photo - VV at 2 months

Forest Tunnel


To do the things you most enjoy

Blog Photo - N and T prep for holidays

Blog Photo - Hockey Game

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Skiis on Snow with Trees

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Cyclist

Blog Photo - D and LBlog Photo - Playing guitar 1


In the fact of your humanity.

Book launch cynthia and rev claire

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Sunset


From my family to you: our best wishes for the year ahead.

God bless.

44 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful images and messages, Cynthia. Wishing you countless blessings as the new decade unfolds.

    Love, Marie & family

    Marie Wilson, C.M., O.N.W.T., M.S.C. Commissioner TRC of Canada 2009-15


  2. Thanks for your gracious and wise blessings Cynthia. Your words bring me comfort. I’m grateful to have connected with you. May our lives continue to intersect and may our lives be full of love, joy, and the grace to embrace the challenges. Hugs and blessings to you and yours.

  3. What a beautiful heartfelt and meaningful New Year’s greeting, Cynthia.
    May this new year bring you and your family all that is good.

  4. What a beautiful New Year’s message. It covers every facet. This is one of the most beautiful posts you have written.. Thank you.

    All good wishes to you and family.

  5. Such a beautiful family! And I’m including the furry members in that description:). Happy New Year, Cynthia! These are blessed wishes. I hope your year is abundant!

  6. Such a wonderful New Year wish Cynthia. Thank you for all the pleasures that you have provided us through your wonderful blog. All the best for you and your family this year.

  7. Cynthia – how very, very lovely, And even though I’m just arriving on January 20th, know that I wish all those wonderful things for you and your family as well. Thanks so much for the wonderful photographic journey.
    Hugs, Jeanne

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