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Finding leadership in the midst of a troubled world

Jane has stated the situation our world finds itself in clearly and well, and so I am reblogging it here. Thanks, Jane.

Robby Robin's Journey

If ever we needed to believe that our leaders have our backs, it is now. The past few years have been unsettling for most of the world, for many, many reasons over which we have no control. If your blood pressure has risen, it’s not surprising. Let’s take a look.

Inflation has hit big-time for the first time in decades, as supply chains have been strained. This is starting to have a significant impact on people and businesses right across the board.

Two years of the restrictions required to keep people (and healthcare systems) safe during a historic global pandemic have taken their toll on people’s patience, resources, and even friendships.

Disturbing levels of division, distrust, misinformation, and even hatred have changed the landscape in the United States, and now the 3 weeks of the “Freedom” Convoy occupation in Ottawa have forced Canadians to confront the hard reality that there…

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6 thoughts on “Finding leadership in the midst of a troubled world”

  1. How prophetic is that, that Zelenksy starred in a tv series called Servant of the People and that the name of his party is Servant of the People. A man who is fulfilling his destiny. Such uncertain times, these. We need hope, and there are sparks of it here and there …

  2. Excellent! Cynthia did I tell you that for 1 of my 5 (!!) BHM presentations, 1 for Simcoe County Libraries I decided to feature a booklist and put Myrtle on my list? Hugs, rita

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