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Remarkable Canadian Women

You know a woman is powerful when she reaches out and honours other outstanding women. 

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Dr. Jean Augustine, along with her colleagues Dauna Jones-Simmonds, Dr. Denise O’Neil Green and their team of other fabulous women, are the power behind the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women book and event, both being launched this evening in Toronto. 

Congrats to you and your team!

And congrats to the 100 women being honoured.  The breadth of achievement and talent is outstanding.

I’m over-the-moon pleased to be one of the 100.

So while Jean, Dauna, Denise and team are celebrating the rest of us, I thought I’d shine a spotlight on the organizers, specifically Jean Augustine.

Blog Photo Jean Augustine

Jean Augustine was the first African Canadian woman elected to the Parliament of Canada (in 1993). There she served as a cabinet minister and deputy speaker of the house. Among other roles she held before, she chaired the Metro Toronto Housing Authority and was a school principal.

Jean has been an indefatigable volunteer, public speaker and supporter of many community organizations. She has also encouraged numerous individuals from all races, backgrounds, ages and genders.

How do I know all this? I have seen her in action on several initiatives and in various roles.The woman is accomplished and remarkable.

Thank you for  your wonderful, trailblazing achievements and big heart, Jean. For reaching back and honouring others.

And thanks for selecting me, 100 ABC Women team.