Remarkable Canadian Women

You know a woman is powerful when she reaches out and honours other outstanding women. 

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Dr. Jean Augustine, along with her colleagues Dauna Jones-Simmonds, Dr. Denise O’Neil Green and their team of other fabulous women, are the power behind the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women book and event, both being launched this evening in Toronto. 

Congrats to you and your team!

And congrats to the 100 women being honoured.  The breadth of achievement and talent is outstanding.

I’m over-the-moon pleased to be one of the 100.

So while Jean, Dauna, Denise and team are celebrating the rest of us, I thought I’d shine a spotlight on the organizers, specifically Jean Augustine.

Blog Photo Jean Augustine

Jean Augustine was the first African Canadian woman elected to the Parliament of Canada (in 1993). There she served as a cabinet minister and deputy speaker of the house. Among other roles she held before, she chaired the Metro Toronto Housing Authority and was a school principal.

Jean has been an indefatigable volunteer, public speaker and supporter of many community organizations. She has also encouraged numerous individuals from all races, backgrounds, ages and genders.

How do I know all this? I have seen her in action on several initiatives and in various roles.The woman is accomplished and remarkable.

Thank you for  your wonderful, trailblazing achievements and big heart, Jean. For reaching back and honouring others.

And thanks for selecting me, 100 ABC Women team.




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61 responses to “Remarkable Canadian Women

  1. Congrats on being one of the 100 remarkable Canadian women Cynthia! You inspire many with both your courage and your passion in highlighting people and homes that inspire you. Thanks for all you do and are.

    • Hey Brad: Thank you for saying this. It’s funny: I’ve been so far back in the shadows for so long, trying to overcome these silly injuries and finally focusing on accepting them, that I was actually surprised to learn I was nominated. It’s nice to know that the trails I blazed in my career have not been forgotten.

  2. I write a column on Friday called feminist Friday. It is to salute women. This would be a perfect post for you to link on Friday if you care to do so. Congratulations on being selected.

  3. You know, nowhere in Honest House do you mention colour. Or if you did I didn’t notice it. I mean, who cares? You are who you are. I’d like to think black woman don’t need to have to do this, because to me, you are Cynthia.

  4. Congratulations my dear Cynthia! And it is so like you to deflect our attention away from you onto another accomplished black woman! My thoughts and prayers are with you today xx

  5. Wow, huge congratulations, Cynthia. I’m so happy for you and so proud of you and the other wonderful Canadian women who made this list.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  6. Congratulations, Cynthia! I am so happy for you to be awarded such an honor!


  7. Congratulations Cynthia!

  8. Wow! This is exciting news, Cynthia! Congratulations!

  9. Congrats! They sure know how to pick ’em 🙂 Lovely ladies to be included among. What an honor and so well deserved.

  10. Congratulations, Cynthia! Awesome women, all.

  11. Cynthia! Congratulations!! A well-deserved honour, indeed! 💐

  12. Congratulations, Cynthia! Congratulations to all you 100 remarkable Canadian women!

  13. Congratulations Cynthia so happy for you, a wonderful honor and tribute to you and the other 100 women.

  14. Woo-hoo! and rock on! I love it when deserving people receive kudos. I’m so pleased it’s your turn. 🙂

  15. Wonderful news, Cynthia, well done! It must also be a priviledge to share this joy with other Canadians. 🙂

  16. Wow, what an accolade to be in the top 100 remarkable women list. Congratulations.

  17. Congratulations, Cynthia, how well deserved.

  18. I am happy to learn about this group–any time recognition is given to exemplary people, for doing great good,we should stand up and cheer. And cheers to you, too, for being recognized as one of the exemplary people doing such good!

  19. Laurie Graves

    Congrats, congrats! What an honor!

  20. Congratulations to you and the other exemplary women in this group!

  21. A big congratulations on being selected, Cynthia! What a fantastic achievement xxxx

  22. Thanks for posting and wishing your more recognition and happiness.

  23. Congratulations! A well deserved honor!

  24. Wow, Cynthia…. 💫✨🌟 great to learn about this initiative… many congratulations… I am so proud of you… Will schedule this post to retweet tomorrow… Sending love and appreciation. Aquileana

  25. Congratulations on your honour Cynthia, very well-deserved 🙂 What a great project.

  26. Congratulations, Cynthia! The short time I’ve been reading your blog, it’s easy to see that you are an inspiration to all women! Well done! 🙂

  27. leeMck

    Leading by example. Exemplary role models for our youth and our successors! I admire and salute you all! And in particular you, my friend, Cynthia.

  28. Congratulations! You should be proud.

  29. I wish there were more news bits like this instead of all the negative. I love being reminded there are people fighting the good fight every day. Thank you!

    • Thank you. The thing about those 100 women is that every one of them, in addition to being accomplished in careers, has reached back and helped others in the community too. A wonderful bunch.

  30. Congratulations Cynthia! I’m so happy for you to be given such a wonderful honor. What wonderful role models you all are!

  31. Woot! SO chuffed to hear this, you deserve it. Fantastic stuff. Really, really pleased for you. Party on dude… 😉

  32. What an honor! Congratulations Cynthia…well deserved!!

  33. Congrats Cynthia – very impressive that you are part of these amazing women – of any color!

  34. Congratulations Cynthia….

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