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Great Tips for Bloggers

Rule #1: Most people like pictures. Hence the “floral arrangements” in this post. (Smile)

Blog Photo - Hostas and Clematis

My last post was the most retweeted ever! Lots of interest. So today I’m sharing some tips which have worked for me, thanks to Lauren, my social media expert:  

  1. Be real. Life isn’t perfect and nor are you. Being real makes your blog interesting.  My book is hilarious in parts and I wanted my blog to be similarly uplifting and funny. But my injuries affect every part of my life — including my blogging schedule. I finally revealed a few of those difficulties — and my blog network supported me.
  2. Tell, don’t sell. Many of the bloggers I follow make products for sale – their books or paintings; farm products; furniture or vintage items. Some have a shop built into their site. But they know that blogging isn’t primarily a marketplace: it’s about engaging with others and sharing stories and ideas.
  3. Keep your posts short. Break up a longer post with images — or make it a short series.  Most of my posts are only 200- 500 words because I know that many people read a lot of blogs each week.
  4. Set aside time to read other blogs. I set aside time early morning and late evening/night to read and reply.  I’m slow, but I do it. That’s why following/having thousands of followers is not my goal. I couldn’t keep up!
  5. Blog Photo - flowers white daisies in vaseWrite a few posts now for later. I’m a wreck some days and stuck in bed. So I force myself to laugh by writing funny stories. My failures at baking, cooking, decorating a room or arranging flowers suddenly seem hilarious when described.  Then, on my worst days, I post them  — and smile at your great reactions.
  6. Blogging is a two-way street.  It’s not just a matter of ‘publishing’ your posts. Read other people’s stories, take an interest, respond. They’ll do the same. How true! I sometimes use my blog to highlight fabulous bloggers and other people; in turn, their supporters visit my blog, leaving great comments. Fascinating though I am (ha ha), my blog is not always about me.
  7. Follow up. When I disappear for a while, some bloggers check in. I appreciate this thoughtfulness and now do the same for others.
  8. Get help. I knew how to write, but didn’t understand social media. Among other things, an expert can make sure your blog is attractive, engaging and automatically distributed on many different platforms.

Blog Photo - Peonies and Solomon's Seal

This post is dedicated to all the bloggers in my network.