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A Stream, Flower Buds and Birdsong


Blog Photo - Stream Med

Not sure if this is the spring thaw or just the result of rain, but you should hear the rushing sound the stream makes as it wends its way through our small valley!

Blog Photo - Stream closest

Then there are the birds, which surprised me several days ago: their singing was so loud, I could hear it through my closed kitchen window. Bravo, birds!

On the inside ledge of that same kitchen window, is this orchid.

Blog Photo - Orchid stalk

Once again, it’s sending up a stalk (aka a “spike”) which will bear colourful pink blooms.

Don’t ask me how it does this.

The plant fell from its perch a year or so ago, and its pot, roots and leaves were all broken.

Blog Photo - Orchid roots

I shoved it into a different pot, but it’s almost bereft of potting soil and gets watered only when I remember. The roots are few and very straggly. And yet, the plant keeps blooming and its new leaves are the healthiest of any in the house (other than that damaged leaf which held on.)

If orchids could talk, this one would probably say: “You fall, you get damaged, but you get up and keep blooming — in spite of the challenges.” 

Blog Photo - Orchid pink on ledge

Meanwhile, a gift orchid from Felicity and Susan, leaders of the Spirit of the Hills Festival of the Arts last fall, has already put out one new set of blooms and now has buds again.

Blog Photo - Orchid flower and new buds

Are these all signs of an early spring?

It’s February in Ontario, Canada. I know that our spring — the real thing, not the calendar date — shows up around April. But a person can hope — right?

Meanwhile, the orchids are blooming, the stream is rushing and the birds are singing. I am thankful.


Dedicated to two bloggers who often write about streams, rivers and other living water:

Brad of Writing to Freedom and Allen of New Hampshire Garden Solutions.