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My Fig Tree in Winter

Our fig tree will make it through winter

With the help of a neat little trick

Or else it will have to dash indoors

Before winter gives it a lick


The first time we buried our fig tree

Uncertain that it would survive

Was October,  weeks before winter

And the fig tree was still much alive


Google Images
Google Images

We covered her up with earth matter

Top soil and leaves and some twigs

And buried her into the garden

In hopes that next spring we’d have figs


All winter we looked through the window

At the spot where the fig tree once stood

Hoping she’d survive the cold weather

With ice, snow and soil for a hood

*Blog Photo - Fig tree

In May we uncovered her branches

Lifted her out of her trench

So shocked by her clear resurrection

We sat ourselves down on a bench

Blog Photo - Fruiting Fig Tree*

This winter has been a tough business

The snow is determined to fall

And just when I think it is over

I find it’s not finished at all


Snow stands in piles out my window

Blows in when I open my door

It sticks to my shoes like a layer

And deposits itself on my floor


The fig tree and I are both immigrants

From lands that are sunny and bright

Though fig did not come here willingly

While I chose this country so white


But fig will be sheltered this winter

Protected and ready to bear

While I slip and slide on the sidewalk

And try to pretend I’ve no fear.

Original Photos by Hamlin Grange