“A Country Road” by Cynthia Reyes, Arabella Magazine

ARABELLA Special Feature: “To everything there is a season” and so the saying goes. “A Country Road” by Cynthia Reyes is a journey of poignant memories and inspiring landscapes reminding all of us that we live on the edge of change and uncertainty. Artists and galleries from across Canada supply the beautiful images for keeping the Country Road spirit and memories alive. For the full editorial feature see the ARABELLA Harvest 2012 issue, available by print and digital subscription (arabelladesign.com).

2 thoughts on ““A Country Road” by Cynthia Reyes, Arabella Magazine”

  1. Cynthia, I read this yesterday in Chapters in Peterborough during my book signing. What a lovely surprise! Perfect accompaniment to the season springing up around us in spite of the unusually cold weather. The way you write, I felt I was meandering with you.

    1. Thank you, Diane. High praise indeed. How did the book signing go? I’ve found that they take time, but worth it for the exposure to the people who will/may read your book. Good to hear from them and meet them.

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