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My book, A Good Home, is now available at Amazon.com

What a great spring day! The daffodils are blooming in my garden, the forsythia buds are ripening, as are the clematis, there are pretty patches of blue scilla dotting the landscape, and I opened the door and my favorite wild rabbit ran across the front lawn, stopped, looked at me for a long time then ran off again.

And my book has been released! A Good Home will start showing up in bookstores across North America, then Europe and Australia and elsewhere this spring and summer. It’s now available at amazon.com.

You can use the link above or type A Good Home by Cynthia Reyes in amazon.com’s search box

Thanks to my readers, for their encouragement and support. It mattered then, and it does now. Today, I also salute three special editors for their excellent work: Tim Knight, Lesley Marcovich and Don Bastian. Every good writer needs a good editor, and I was lucky to have three! (And, strangely enough, they’re all still talking to me…)

A Good Home - A memoir by Cynthia Reyes
A Good Home – A memoir by Cynthia Reyes

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