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They are two of the sweetest little doggies you ever saw:  Mr. J. on the left and and Mr. D on the right, below. They’re my daughter’s pets and are a joy to be around.

They’re also the best of friends, who do almost everything together. Every so often, they’ll sit at that window for long minutes, staring out at the snow – or so I think.  Whatever they’re looking at, they seem very intent.

Blog Photo - Doggies in windowPhoto by H. Grange

When I go to the same window and look out, I don’t see anything moving. Not squirrels or rabbits or birds or any other creatures. Just trees and shrubs and snow.  Lots of snow.

Unless, of course,  dogs have telescopic vision and are seeing something that I can’t.

So what are our two little doggies staring at so intently?

And what are they thinking?  I know that dogs dream. But do they daydream as well?

And do they have silent conversations?

Mr. J: “Don’t you wish we could go back outside and play in that snow”?

Mr. D: “Not really- will this winter NEVER end?”

Mr. J:  “Isn’t it fun messing with the humans’ minds? Let’s just sit here and keep doing this.”

It’s one of life’s mysteries…..

Here’s to the pets who bring joy to our lives — sometimes when we least expect it.


  1. LOL we used to have a dog and a cat who did this kind of thing, when the door was opened, the dog would scoot out and run rapidly around the garden barking with exuberance and the cat would stroll out, take up a sitting position on top of the stone wall, watch the dog and look at us as if to say “Little amuses the innocent, far less amuses that dog” 😀

  2. I think they are conspiring to run away from home. Mr. D is probably telling Mr. J that he tried it already and it didn’t work out, and even so, where would we run to? Ha, ha, ha

    1. This sounds slightly familiar. “Mischief and mayhem”, maybe? Keep this up and I will tell everyone that you’re my bad big sister who constantly led me astray in our childhood.

      1. Ears cocked, listening, and watching to see what something this way comes… so to speak. They can probably hear things moving around under the snow.



  3. Mr. J ……. People have got to be nuts to be working in this weather.
    Mr. D …….I think they have no choice. Aren’t we lucky?

  4. They say dogs go to heaven..Dogs must be there to make it perfect. Mr. J and Mr D are wondering why they need to go to heaven when they are living their best lives right here and right now. Life is great! They ae loved and been catered too in a beautiful surrounding. I could not see their faces, but I bet you their eyes were glowing with contentment.

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