A Gift of Flowers

My relatives in Britain are worried about the flooding in parts of England, while my friends in this part of Canada are complaining about what the Toronto Star calls “the coldest, most miserable winter on record” in nearly 40 years.

Given a choice between damaging floods or 70 days straight of cold and snow on the ground, I’d choose the snow. But whether your pain is caused by flooding, a brutal winter or something else,  I sympathize.  And I’m sending you flowers.  If nothing else, I hope it provides a temporary distraction on the way to better weather.

So, in that spirit, here are the flowers – from last year’s  Spring garden.

Thanks to Hamlin Grange for the lovely photos.  

 Here goes……

Spring Garden - Yellow IrisYellow and White Iris

Spring Garden - ClematisClematis

Spring Garden - HyacinthsHyacinths

And another…….

Blog Photo - Pink PeonyPeony

And another…….

Spring Garden - IrisesPurple Iris

And this one….

Spring Garden - Pink Bleeding Heart“Bleeding Heart”

This post is dedicated to my friend Trudy.

Do you have a great Spring photo from your garden that you’d like to share? Please feel welcome to send it to me.  I’ll choose a variety for a future blog post.



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10 responses to “A Gift of Flowers

  1. C, what a wonderful lift for the winter-weary soul! My compliments to H. Grange, Photographer.

  2. Hi Cynthia I really enjoyed viewing the photos of all the lovely flowers at the old house. Thank you so much for dedicating this to me. Warm regards Trudy

  3. You are most welcome, Trudy!

  4. Beautiful! And so encouraging given that I am under a blanket of snow so deep and cold it is hard to believe spring will ever really come.

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