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Stiletto Heels

As we stepped out into the rain

I looked down at the ground again

And saw her thin stiletto heels

And thoughts went round my mind like wheels


“Spring rain!” I smiled, instead of what

My mind thought, which was: “Id-i-ot!

As she walked dainty by my side

And went on out to catch a ride


Image via shopflyjane.com
Image via shopflyjane.com


She grumped and sighed and made a pout

At weather we’d been warned about

She looked down at her thin wee dress

About to turn a soggy mess


She looked down at her silly heels

That would have paid for many meals

And turned to me and fussed again

And said a rude thing ‘bout the rain

Thanks to: publicdomainpictures.net
Thanks to: publicdomainpictures.net

Perhaps my thoughts would have been kind

If she’d been humbler in her mind

About the wind and rain we faced

Instead of acting so disgraced


If she’d admitted her sheer folly

For dressing up like some vain dolly

This day when all the forecasts said

Take care outside or stay in bed


Thanks to: blog.creativethink.com
Thanks to: blog.creativethink.com

But as I stopped and hit “rewind”

The thought that came into my mind

Was that I should have been more bold

And said: “It’s spring! Expect the cold


“Expect the wind and rain and fog

And dress for it; you’re just a cog

In Nature’s wheel, so take a pill

And dress yourself to meet the chill!”


Image via: dailyregiment.blogspot.ca
Image thanks to: dailyregiment.blogspot.ca

But then I had an awful thought:

Were there times when I too had bought

Such crazy stuff to wear outside

And then blamed weather, not my pride?


Back when I had more cash than brain

Did I throw money down the drain

On things that mattered not a whit

Back then – was I, too, such a twit?


Back when I was a TV “star”

And thought that I had come so far

And had to look and dress the part

So this would set me well apart?


I felt a twinge of something then

At how judgmental I had been

How quick I’d been to so opine!

And took “some water with my wine”.


33 thoughts on “Stiletto Heels”

  1. Love your poem. Reminds me of an idiot who had to take off her suede-trimmed jacket, turn it inside out and hug it tightly while running through the pouring rain to her car.

  2. I have not worn heels since the seventies, I am not even sure I would know how to walk in them anymore, but now and again it actually would be quite nice, however at nearly 6 foot and spending most of my life in gardening boots, my feet have changed shape.

    1. Hi Julie:

      The truth is that I admire people who can walk in them without falling over….. which is not me (smile).
      Yes – maybe it’s also a gardener thing – we get used to sensible shoes that can handle the mud and dirt!

  3. I think that most of us have worn unsuitable clothes/shoes at some time in our lives – usually when we were younger! I remember having the most fabulous pink and see-through plastic high-heeled shoes with peep-toes (they sound horrible now!) in about 1979 and wearing them to work despite there being snow on the ground. I suffered with chilblains for weeks afterwards.

  4. I tend to be wrapped up in all weathers, I get very cold very easily… either that or I end up wearing about five outfits each day, as the weather changes. Definitely best to be comfortable though.



      1. Layers are definitely the way to go. And those trousers you can zip the bottoms off to make them into three quarter lengths and the middle bit off to make them into shorts.



  5. Someone described your poem as whimsical, I agree! Being 5’2″ I have been known to prefer heels but stilettos will not do at this age. Any heels must be sturdy (thick?) and no slick soles in case I need to run! Have a good weekend!

  6. Enjoyed this, Cynthia. Brought back memories of long ago when it was so important to be in style. I never wore heels but we wore those awful, pointed toe flats with bare legs, in rain and snow…. Nowadays it’s all about comfort!

  7. Your words made me smile – and brought back memories of a certain mini-skirt on an early winter day many years ago and legs aching from the cold… Now that one was pure vanity, something I like to think I have outgrown. Or at least that the more obvious signs of vanity have now been overtaken by practicality. Thanks for the pictures your words created in my mind and the memories they brought back!

  8. This did make me smile Cynthia! We have a reputation in this part of the UK for not wearing many clothes, even in freezing temperatures, it’s a ‘Geordie’ thing – though I stress I’m well beyond wearing stilettos and I wrap up warm when I need to!

  9. Ahhhh … brings back days working in business in NYC. Who cared for a few (or many) raindrops – high heels were the look! (And we had to all have it, didn’t we?) But then … it’s so easy to have moved on to comfy shoes and look at today’s stiletto wearers and criticize. I’d be taking a little of that watered wine right with you, Cynthia! 🙂

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