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Bloomin’ Stuff

Stuff is blooming in my garden.

Blog Photo - Columbines

Pink Stuff – some that were expected to be pink, and some that came up in a different colour scheme. It’s very pretty, this pink and white columbine. But where did it come from?

Blog Photo - columbines pink and white

The grace of the garden: you get more than you planted.

The surplus, Canadians call it.

Brawta, Jamaicans call it.

Blog Photo - Phlox wild pink

I just call it grace.  And when I think about it, my whole garden this spring is an illustration of grace. The harsh winter killed off very little. The starving rabbits chomped off all our clematis vines and tender shrubs right down to the ground, but most are returning. And I’m able to walk around the garden each morning and evening, and enjoy the miracle called Spring.

Blog Photo - Bachelors Button 2

The Purple-y-Blue Stuff — like this bachelor’s button — returned looking dapper.

Blog Photo - Bachelors Button 3

Yellow Stuff like these day lilies bloomed early for our region.

Blog Photo - Lilies yellow

And then there is Stuff that’s making me wait. Like the peonies and the poppies.

Blog Photo - Peony Buds Closer

Anticipation. Aspiration. Expectation. These things build character. Don’t they?

Blog Photo - Poppy buds

Perhaps it is time for some meditation.

Whether you garden or not, I hope your spring is going well.

By the way, these photos are entirely amateur, and I won’t identify the inept photo-taker (I simply can’t call her a ‘photographer’) in order to protect the guilty.  My wonderful photographer is busy with other things right now, but he will return.


Dedicated to the memory of Donald Moore, one of the most patient and expert gardeners I’ve ever known.


21 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Stuff”

  1. I love spring and thanks to your post, I get to enjoy it a second time! Thanks Cynthia! I love the idea of grace. I have some of that in my garden too, including volunteer trees like redbud and mimosa! I like the bachelor’s button and will have to see if they grow here (Arkansas). Happy Spring! 🙂

    1. Redbud! I got two volunteers at our previous home and nearly dug them out because I didn’t know what they were! Mimosa I’ve never had.
      Lots of garden grace to you, Brad!

  2. Me too!!! I am finding all sorts of ‘bloomin’ stuff in my back garden. Although only the size of a postage stamp, I like you, enjoy all this stuff very much and sit in a shady spot, take a deep breath and feel the magic/grace of all this bloomin’ stuff touch me.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post and the photos are lovely! I often find that I have time to appreciate all that happens at the beginning of spring but by the end so many wonderful things are happening at the same time I can’t keep up.

    1. So true, Claire. The colours are more varied in my garden then too.
      Right now, we’re in the pink, purple and blue stage – mostly purple. But in a couple weeks, the hotter colours — red bee balm, St. John’s Cross and some scarlet poppies — will start blooming, then the yellows. The white hydrangea, blue salvia etc. will cool them down a bit, but no doubt: they’re red!

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