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Sad News

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By Cynthia Reyes, 2014 (c)


The news evokes sheer disbelief

The loss is cast in stark relief

Like etching on a granite stone

For one you dearly love, now gone


How can it be that one who walked

Just weeks ago and laughed and talked

Will not be coming through that door

But gone from us for evermore?

You turn away in full denial

You shun today, your day of trial

“He was too young”, friends cry aloud

“Too young, too young, for burial shroud”


And friends, they try to find the words

To comfort you, turn you towards

The wise thoughts that will make you strong

But this whole time just seems so wrong


The memories, they make you weep

And yet these memories will keep

The links and ties of love so dear

With one who always was so near


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“Forget me not”, you want to say

“For I’ll remember every day

The love and times we fondly shared

The great adventures that we dared


“And though you’re gone beyond my reach

I’ll not forget that you did teach

That life will not be always sad

But brings us both the good and bad.


“Thank you for lessons such as this

And though your presence I shall miss

I’ll feel your kiss upon the air

And hear your voice as if you’re near


“And in the garden smell your scent

And know that you were heaven-lent

-To those who needed you so much –

And smile at your sweet angel touch.”


Dedicated to friends who have recently lost loves ones.

Photo by Hamlin Grange
Photos by Hamlin Grange


41 thoughts on “Sad News”

  1. simply perfect in the beauty of your thoughts Cynthia….
    you gave voice to what is left drifting in the air …
    Thank you…
    Take care….You Matter…

  2. Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing this. Shed a tear, but always thankful for the wonderful people I have had in my life … “heaven-lent”.

  3. Are you ok, Cynthia? That might seem rude or trite to ask from an outsider point of view…But I just want you to know despite us never meeting and etc.—I am always here for you, Cynthia xo ❤️

  4. Your poem is lovely, Cynthia. As you have dedicated this to those who have experienced loss, I am not sure if you have just also lost a loved one. If so, I am sending especially warm thoughts your way. jeanne

    1. Thanks, Jeanne. Two persons that our family loved died recently. I’m trying to be of comfort and strength in some small way. The poem is dedicated to their loved ones. I hope that all who are going through the sorrow and loss of a bereavement will find this comforting too.

  5. “…And know that you were heaven-lent
    -To those who needed you so much -…”
    There is an ache and a thoughtfulness in your words. The older we grow the more we feel the ache of loss, and the need for stories and memories to remind us of those whose love we have enjoyed. Thank you for sharing these words and thoughts, and may your sadness be felt as the other side of, the companion to, your joy.

  6. Thank you, Cynthia. My Mom’s birthday is a week from today and I’ve been missing her so. My first grandchild was born on her birthday. Blessings to you for sharing this heartfelt poem, Bette

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