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Ah, Well…

I love this man

I really do

For many, many reasons


And he’s been here

Right by my side

Through many different seasons

Blog Photo - Flowers Bouquet1

But tell me now

When I show you

This nice bouquet of flowers


Would you not say:

“Oh Cynthia, wow

You’ve got such lovely powers!”

Blog Photo - flowers Bouquet2


And so I did

Show him my craft

Expecting him to praise me


Such praise that makes

Me burst in smiles

And makes my pulse go crazy

Blog Photo - flowers Bouquet 3

But this is what

That good man said

Believe me, it’s no fable:


“Is that the old

White chenille spread

You put out on the table?

Blog Photo - Flowers Bouquet4

Dedicated to my Better Half. 

59 thoughts on “Ah, Well…”

      1. Ummmm, uhhh, well, gee. You know. I mean…. sometimes the obvious thing isn’t what we happen to notice. 🙂

    1. Ya gotta love ’em, Clare. After receiving Georgeina’s question (above) I asked the Better Half: “did you even notice the flowers?” Well, methinks he did protest too much: he desperately tried to remember what they looked like, and failed. We both ended up laughing.

      1. I’m way tired right now but we have invited a bunch of guest from people we’ve had great conversations with this week for a Shabbat dinner. There will be 69 total. When I fly home Tuesday I will probably give in. Lol. But, I return back here a week from Sunday for another week. I’ll be rarin to go. Lol. Be safe!!😄

    1. Hi Natalie:
      I laugh now every time I pass that little bouquet.
      Actually, I only just realized another way of looking at this: he noticed the tablecloth! That’s a shocker…..

  1. great poem…and mine would have nicely said “I hope that’s not our salad tonight”. He always balks when I make a mixed fields green salad with edible flowers!! But your arrangement makes a beautiful centerpiece!!

      1. Our local farmers market sells an edible hanging basket of Nasturtiums I think they are called. They are a pretty orange flower. You can eat the leaves also. I always buy one as soon as they have them out and hang it in our back deck area and pick a few leaves off for our field green salads. You can also eat Johnny Jump ups but just the flower part. They look really pretty if you garnish the salad with them. I always grow 4 different colors to use as garnish in the salad.

  2. I love your poem. I think most men don’ t notice flowers, mine certainly doesn’t . He just doesn’ t see them. I try to get him to look at them, really look at them, but I might as well try to get the dog interested. But the undercarriage of an aeroplane in the Science Museum in London- ah, the beauty of that will bring a tear to his eye.

    1. You just gave me a great idea, Chloris. In future, I’ll somehow work into the arrangement a tiny bicycle, or a pair of skis.

      Now I just have to find such things. But if I do, I’ll share the result with you!

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I look forward to your comments.

      1. With me it would have to be an aeroplane or a piano.. Skis would probably work too.
        I’ m a follower now Cynthia so I can keep my eye on what you are writing.

      2. Thanks for following. I know and appreciate that. I enjoy your blogs too, complete with the ones about the flowers you hate. That was fun!

  3. I have come to your post about 6 times ( yes 6 times) since you posted it and each time I have been interrupted before I got to the comments. Phew, I am finally here, still laughing about your husband’s blindspot. Next time, I would suggest an arrangement of vegetables. See if that gets his attention.

  4. Ha Ha, I like that. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Cynthia. It’s the same when you get your hair done in a completely new style and you stand there waiting for him to notice. Eventually he sees you staring with that expectant look on your face and desperately tries to figure out what’s different. Then looking at the shirt that you’ve had for at least a year, he blurts out “I like your new shirt. The colour really suits you.”

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