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What’s in a name? When the name of your farm is ISIS … oh dear.
I’m asking each of you in my blog community to please advise dear Aggie and Lou by taking part in their brief poll about whether they should change the name of their organic farm from ISIS because of the hassles they are encountering lately. These two brave souls have sunken everything they own into their beloved farm.

I know from experience that you are a compassionate and wise bunch of individuals – so what’s your advice to them? Do please pitch in.

Isis Farms

Last day of leveling. Last day of leveling. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAzimmermann-high-tunnelHow to deal with this ISIS shit//it is becoming very interfering in our space……Should we change our name? Why? How can media and politics affect our reality?
Anyhow it has become quite a mess/from a theosophical viewpoint we should not give in, GOD IS GOOD, no matter who you think he,she, it is////the antichrist aspects of the orginazation the american media prefers to call Isis is harming us greatly//so what do we do?
Input here is appreciated…………………..
I think maybe painting over the ISIS on the sign in JOHN DEERE GREEN would as least let the drive by locals we want to dissociate from the thought form may work…WHAT DO YOU THINK? For some reason I refuse to give up the egreggor of ISIS FARMS. But would paint the sign OVER IN GREEN……
Life in the country is so complicated////in the city all you have to…

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14 thoughts on “POLITICS AND REALITY”

    1. Lorraine, thank you so much. I am afraid that, as long as the word Isis remains in the name, the taint will be there. Our area is a little remote culturally, and many customers have asked us what Is Is (is two times) means. We live on a main highway. Imagine people driving by for months, casually wondering what Isis is. Then question gets answered in the form of a terrorist group, cutting throats with a butter knife. That is the sort of process that makes a strong neurological impression.

  1. I believe today’s ISIS will not be around long. The Isis of Greek mythology has endured and will endure because she was the goddess of Life who gave birth to Horus – who is akin to Jesus in Christianity. I wouldn’t let ISIS destroy the beauty of your Isis-named farm.. That’s how I feel today anyway.

    1. I am sad. I acquired my fondness for Isis through the novels of Dion Fortune.Then, reading a book called Isis in the Graeco-Roman World, which documents how the icons devoted to Isis and Horus were almost exactly duplicated, perhaps just renamed, at the time that Mary and Jesus came to be worshiped. I am so sad that her name is being desecrated.

  2. Depends on how much money it would require to change the name and related marketing, labels, signs, etc. If not too expensive, then maybe just change it and use as opportunity to create new identity, focus, marketing, etc.

    Otherwise, Lorraine has a creative solution to simply add 1 word, but this will still require many associated changes and not completely remove you from the association with ISIS.

    Overall, I would think changing it might be best.

    1. I agree with you. Good business decisions involve much more than personal preference. While the farm is our home and our life, we also need income to survive. The financial expense is not too high: changing the logo, website name, the email addresses, and egg labels. My time is the most precious commodity that will be usurped. No matter what Shakespeare said about the name of the rose, the name is part of a thing. Isis Farms is part of our identity. Still, I agree with you.

  3. Cynthia, you just keep on supporting us. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, Cynthia lives thousands of miles from us, and continues to warm our hearts with her support. It’s a difficult time for many reasons, and I can feel your caring across the miles. You bless so many people with your caring. Wishing many people receive the blessings of your consulting business.

    1. You’re welcome, Aggie. We’re on this earth to help each other.
      I relate to what you and Lou are doing and want you to succeed. The farm is both home and business for you two and is doubly important to your lives.
      And support works both ways, Aggie! Your taking the time to buy, read and comment on my book: you really, really “got it” — that was a gift to me.

    2. And, to inject a bit of humour in all this: please tell Lou that I see he is exposing his splendid midriff. How many 89-year-olds have such a great midriff? (Big smiles to you both.)

  4. They should most certainly keep the name of their farm! Isis is also the name of the Egyptian goddess of magic and life, and I am sure there are many beautiful cats named Isis as well. Should their names be changed, too? I think not. It is unfortunate that this name now has such horrible associations, but I don’t think the world needs to change who they are because of it. My 2 cents!

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