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Tiny Perfect Christmas Tree

The tree’s too small and tends to fall

The angel’s tattered most of all

The lights don’t work, the garlands drop

But in this home it’s Christmas.


Photo by H. Grange

The Christmas gifts aren’t quite wrapped yet

The puppy peed, the floor got wet

(That smell we sniffed was a sure bet)

But in this home, it’s Christmas.


Blog Photo - Winter Garden

The snow outside is fluffy and bright

The turkey’s cooked and it’s done right

The baked ham glistens in candlelight

And in this home, it’s Christmas.


Blog Photo - Christmas Table

This house has seen a hundred years

Of laughter, hopes and even tears

Of festive times and warmth and grace

And joy and peace at Christmas.


We wish you warmth, we wish you love

Peace landing gently as a dove

We wish you rest, we wish you joy

In your good home, this Christmas.

Selfie Ornament
Ornament Selfie

Poem Written by Cynthia Reyes, December 2013.

All photos by Hamlin Grange.


  1. I love your poem. Remember it’s the imperfect Christmases that year after year are remembered. Family and friends enjoy “remember when” and tell of mistakes, accidents, and imperfections of Christmases past. Laughter and memories are an important part of Christmas and families.
    I wish you ad Hamlin a memorable, happy, and blessed Christmas and God’s richest blessings in the new year.

    1. Georgeina, I am so thankful for your good wishes and for this lovely note.
      Bless you, my dear.
      We’re wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas, and w healthy and rewarding new year.


  2. Your poem made me laugh as we have all been there in that very place. I harken back to the year our dog opened a box of chocolates under the tree & devoured them. Of course his over indulgence soon returned two fold! Needless to say after the clean up not much chocolate was consumed that year. I hope you will find yourself lost in our little community again in 2015. By the way the Ebor House has sold & the old walls will have new life within them again. David & I wish you & yours a very happy CHRISTMAS & may the New Year bring Good Heath & wonderful Times!

    1. How lovely to hear from you, Sandra, and our very best to you and David and family.
      Dogs and chocolates: oh dear.
      Good news about Ebor House.A lovely place, deserving of loving owners.

      Thanks for the good wishes, Sandra.

  3. Perfect poem and a perfect Christmas…and as a doglover, puppy pee is quite a nice Christmas smell…soon to be trumped by that turkey and ham;0) Happy Hollidays for you and your loved ones, xoxo Johanna

  4. What a nice expression of Christmas — sounds like some similar Christmases I have had with the family. This year is going to be a bit odd, but I am hoping it will turn out ok — after all, Christmas doesn’t havfe to be perfect, as you point out. 🙂

    Very much looking forward to blogging and reading yours in 2015…here’s to health and joy and (semi)sanity in the New Year!

    ❤ Rose ((hugs))

    1. You’re probably right. And it’s only when we get past the need for perfection, and surrender to the beauty of the imperfections, that we can have that peace and joy we wish for. Gosh, it took me years to figure that out…..
      Wishing you a healthy year of excellent adventures including those on your blog, which I enjoy reading.

    1. Welcome back!
      Hoping all is well.
      Joy to the world indeed.
      Thank you.

      Happy boxing day.

      (And did they ever figure out the origins of Boxing Day? Was it when the rich people would hand out boxes to their servants, or give alms to the poor, or just the day when the boxes from Christmas presents were put away?

      Speak, Wise One.

    1. I’m the same. Just finished washing up and putting things away.It’s a painkiller night, so maybe the medication will kick in soon.

      It was a lovely, quiet, day.

      We go to church on Christmas Eve, which is a big deal in our family, so more and more, we try to keep the actual day of Christmas low-key. Tomorrow extended family will arrive for the big dinner, and the house will be full of laughter and storytelling.

      1. Hope the painkillers worked and you got some rest. Christmas Day is fun and I wouldn’t not have it for the world but it is so tiring no matter how low-key. I hope you are revived and refreshed and all ready for the family dinner! Take it easy and don’t over-do things. Much love Cxx

  5. Happy Boxing Day! It is the day in the olden days when the wealthy handed out gift boxes of money and clothing to their servants and others in their service. Have a lovely celebration dinner, fun and laughter!

    1. That sounds logical. Maybe I ought to watch Downton Abbey more closely and see if the Crawley family does this, what with all their many loyal servants…… Happy new year, dear Lee.

  6. You have a tattered angel, too?! Ours has been in the family for 60+ years and she’s definitely showing her age. 🙂 Love the photo of your decorated dining room. It’s warm and inviting. Get well and stay well, Cynthia. We have a new year full of possibilities awaiting us!

    1. Tattered angels all have their stories, I think. 60+ years is remarkable and a wonder-full thing, Eric. Wow.

      I like your wish: get well and stay well. Thank you, Eric, and I’m wishing you a year of health and great moments, and please continue sharing your wise insights and suggestions on your blog.

  7. I too have a tattered angel. 🙂 Eric chose it his first Christmas, so I would never trade her in. This is a beautiful post, Cynthia. I especially love the dining room shot. Gorgeous, cozy, and filled with warmth. Wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year filled with peace, happiness, good health and all the beautiful things you wish for. ((HUGS))

    1. I’m glad to hear about your tattered angel, Elizabeth. And that it holds special memories for your family.

      I love that dining room too. It’s small, but with soaring walls and windows, it feels special, especially at Christmas.
      Thanks for your good wishes, Elizabeth. I’m wishing you the same, for you and your loved ones.

  8. Says it all quite beautifully 🙂 Who wants a perfect Christmas anyway? Where would the laughter come from? Better health in the New Year must have been top of the wish list, Cynthia. I wish it for you too 🙂

      1. Yes thank-you Cynthia! I am so pleased all that cooking is over with – it is so tiring but very satisfying when it all turns out fine! We had a lovely service at church this morning celebrating the feast day of St John.

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