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The Marvelous Muriel Mason

The marvelous Muriel Mason – the acclaimed artist featured here – is exhibiting a collection of miniature paintings at the Brooklin Public Library, east of Toronto until January 31. I know most of you will not be able to attend, of course. But what a triumph, especially at age 85! Wow.

Cynthia Reyes

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Some people inspire me no end.

Muriel Mason is one of them.

Muriel has been painting since childhood.

Blog Photo - Muriel Blue Vase

“Actually, for as long as I can remember,” she says.

She’s self-taught.

Born and raised in England, Muriel taught physical education and anatomy at a high school. She and her husband Michael, a professor of English, moved to Zimbabwe, then Canada, with their two sons in 1966. They live in a village east of Toronto.

Blog Photo - Muriel Paintings - Barn

Artistic talent runs in the family. Michael has written poetry and prose, son Paul is an accomplished author, and Robin is a lawyer who also writes.

Muriel and Michael Mason Muriel and Michael Mason

Over several decades, Muriel’s art has been recognized repeatedly.

Blog Photo - Muriel Flowers1

Since 1985, her work has been accepted into juried shows of watercolour miniatures in Washington, DC and Florida and in a special show in Sweden…

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