Help needed for the people of Vanuatu

Re-blogging this appeal from a blogger friend in New Zealand about the people of Vanuatu. No doubt you have heard about the natural disaster there.


I have written several posts in the past talking about our friends from Vanuatu and a couple of my blogging friends have kindly emailed me to ask if they can help them in some way. Yes please, if you can!


Vanuatu is a group of 80 islands in the Pacific ocean, many of the men from Vanuatu come to NZ to work as seasonal workers in our vineyards and fruit orchards, this is how we came to know a group of them – they worked with Roger in a vineyard and for the past four years we have got to know them and learn more about them. The majority of Islanders are unemployed, their jobs are “gardeners” which means they simply grow their food, their homes are dwellings built from what is available on community land. They fished and ate from fruit and coconut trees that grew prolifically on their…

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8 responses to “Help needed for the people of Vanuatu

  1. I know a man who lived the first twelve years of his life on one of the Vanuatu Islands. Amazing place. I hope people rally to help those in need.

  2. Thanks for the re-blog Cynthia x

  3. thanx-merci for this post, Mrs Reyes! help, indeed after this natural disaster… France has sent several planes full of food, water, etc… my very best and have a serene weekend! respectful regards, Mélanie – Toulouse, FRANCE

  4. Sending good will to these people.

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