A Good Home

A Child At Easter

A great favorite in Easter week. Enjoy!

Cynthia Reyes

I’m dedicating this story to the child within each of us.


My first garden had everything we children needed:  tall trees with big outstretched arms, a wide stream and acres of fields to play in.  All this stood beside and behind a tiny pink farmhouse where a mother and father and five children lived.

A pink farmhouse? Yes.

Seven people in a tiny pink house? How tiny?

Two bedrooms, two front rooms.

Must have been crowded, I hear you thinking.

But this was a land of mild temperatures and hot sun.  Children spent many of their waking hours outside.  Nature – the wildness of it, the near-danger of it, the freedom of it – was our garden.  A child’s own garden.

It wasn’t until our family moved to our grandmother’s much larger house in a nearby village that the first memories of a flower garden — the kind…

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12 thoughts on “A Child At Easter”

  1. Sweet memories Cynthia. My fairy flowers are finally springing from the earth. Despite snow showers this weekend (and this morning) I think Spring is coming! Can’t wait to see how all the flowers I planted last year look.

  2. I see no reason why fairies … and wood nymphs and elves, for that matter … were not dancing among your flowers when you were a child, and are in your garden now as well. But they’re quick! Keep a sharp eye out. 🙂

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