A Good Home

Wisteria Envy

Cynthia Reyes

John's Wisteria4

My good friend John

The gardener one

He boasts of his wisteria.

He calls me once,

Then twice, then thrice

He’s this close to hysteria.


“It’s blooming soon!

Come see, come see

The buds are getting fatter!”

John keeps this up

All summer long

A never-ending natter.


The problem is

John’s vine does bloom

And mine again is ‘fallow’

(It’s come to this

I find new words

For grief that I must swallow.)

John's wisteria3

John’s vine doth bloom

John’s vine doth bloom

Three times in every season

“Come see, come see,”

John says to me

Happy beyond all reason.


So off I go

Convinced he’s wrong

For now it is hot weather.

But Lo! John’s right

The vine doth bloom

I’m fuming altogether.


It makes no sense

That it should bloom

While mine produces nothing

But healthy hue

And leaves of green

It turns my mind…

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14 thoughts on “Wisteria Envy”

  1. I can so relate to this. Mine only blooms and then very sparsely once in a blue moon or less. And I love wisteria! Then there’s a place close to my house where theirs blooms profusely year after year after year! Love, N 🙂 ❤

  2. I loved your poem and I can so relate to that. And I also enjoy looking at that gorgeous vine in other people’s gardens.

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