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At Home with Klaus Reif, Award-Winning Winemaker

Cynthia Reyes

Blog Photo - Klaus Story Winery Front picture

“Born into a winemaking family of twelve generations,” says the Reif Estate Winery website, “Klaus W. Reif may have had his future preordained.”

No kidding!

Thirteen generations of one family doing the same thing for a living?

Blog Photo - Reif Wines in Glass

It’s like something in a novel. 

Like thirteen generations of butchers, bakers or candle-stick makers.

What is it like? I wondered.


Klaus Reif is president of Canadian winery Reif Estate.

But his childhood home and vineyard are in Neustadt, Germany.

“Growing up in a winemaking family was a fun time, maybe the best time of my life. Since my early childhood I loved working with my father in the vineyard and the winery. Home was a great place. My parents had the incredible ability to integrate us kids into the winery business as a natural extension of our family life.”

Blog Photo - Klaus Story youngest winemaker in family

In 1978, Klaus visited his uncle Eward in Niagara on…

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4 thoughts on “At Home with Klaus Reif, Award-Winning Winemaker”

  1. All those generations of family and tradition…I think it’s wonderful. My grandfather split from his family tradition and went his own way doing something completely different. I often wonder what our lives would have been like if he hadn’t.

    1. Four regions particularly have been scooping up international wine awards: Niagara region, Pelee Island and Prince Edward County — all in Ontario — and British Columbia wines have been making a name for themselves. I remember a time when we wouldn’t buy Canadian wines, so I am happy to see them holding their own at home and abroad.

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