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Edward Gajdel – the Artist at Work

In the presence of a great talent. (A favourite post of mine.)

Cynthia Reyes

Edward Gajdel is regarded as one of the world’s best portrait photographers.  

He has photographed the great, the famous and the powerful, from artists such as singer-poet Leonard Cohen and novelist Margaret Atwood to world leaders such as former Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

So when I reached out to Edward to make my portrait for the back cover of my new book, A Good Home, I was thrilled he chose to do so. He and his producer, wife Djanka, pull out all the stops to get me a spot in Edward’s schedule.

Blog Photo Edward Gajdel

But, on the day of the shoot, I’m hiding a secret: I’m in terrible pain. It’s one of those days when nothing helps and I can barely cope. Standing, sitting, walking – all are very difficult right now.

Still, come hell or high water – as my grandmother would have said – I’m going to Edward Gajdel’s studio on…

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13 thoughts on “Edward Gajdel – the Artist at Work”

  1. You are a very brave person Cynthia – despite your pain you get on with life. You are a great role model. And great photo too!

  2. That is a great story and a lovely insight to a gentle way to get the best out of so many situations. The photo looks wonderful; well done for pushing through the pain!

    1. Thanks, Matt. You know that feeling when you know that you’re in the hands of a master artist? I think the way he treats people — and I’ve seen Edward treat children with such gentle respect too — is part of his genius.

  3. A beautiful nod to Edward, really that’s what makes him a genius in working with people. And awesome Cynthia – you continue to inspire and show the world, this is life and how you choose to respond will then determine how you are able to get on with it. Love this post.

  4. Eddie’s work never ceases to amaze me…. he always captures the very essence of his subjects. The picture of you is beautiful Cynthia, taken by an extraordinarily talented artist!

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