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At Home with Rita Deverell

Another favourite of mine.

Cynthia Reyes

For many years, Rita Shelton Deverellwanted to produce a docudrama about a remarkable woman. But other careers got in the way.Blog Photo - Rita at PodiumThe actor, playwright and docudrama-maker has also worked as a TV presenter and head of current affairs for Vision TV, the Canadian network she co-founded; news director (mentoring her successor) at APTN, the Aboriginal People’s TV Network; professor of journalism and women’s studies in  two Canadian universities;

Her achievements earned her a place in the Order of Canada – Canada’s highest honour.

At last, Rita is writing the docudrama screenplay about Florence James.  She’s writing it at her country home in the ‘Sugar Bush’, outside Toronto.Blog Photo - Back Deck and Chairs“We bought the country place 22 years ago when our son graduated from high school. Thereafter we started to rent apartments in Toronto.  There have been five Toronto apartments in 22 years (plus two in Winnipeg, and one in Halifax where I…

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6 thoughts on “At Home with Rita Deverell”

  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I, too, agree with Rita, as does the commenter above, in finding and drawing my day’s energy from my home base. Home must feel good and reflect who we are. Lately, I’ve found myself to be home-cleaning – releasing things that no longer feel like who I am … it’s a snail-like process, but they’re not missed when they’re gone. An ebb and flow.

  2. I save – and have cherished – many items for sentimental value, but after awhile, I’m just used to seeing them, and they no longer have meaning to me. In conjunction with that, my desire to keep cleaning so many smaller things is definitely on the wane. 🙂

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