Wonders Never Cease

I still love this post from last September — hope you do too!

Cynthia Reyes - Author

Every so often, I wish I had a well-behaved garden.

The kind where everything does what I want, when I want.

Where flowers don’t stray into lawns and lawns don’t stray into flowerbeds, and the strong wind didn’t break one of the arches on the arbour my dear husband so carefully built.

Blog Photo - Garden Circle

But this I know:

Real gardens offer up surprises each week, each day and sometimes, each hour.

Blog Photo - Hollyhock Mutant

Like flowers blooming in unexpected colours.

Blog Photo - Peony Rust

And interesting visitors.

Like this large bird in the apple tree.

Blog Photo - Bird in tree

And wild rabbits.

Blog Photo - Rabbit cleans self

Cleaning themselves without a care in the world.

Blog Photo - Bird Scratches self

Like this mother duck, with her ducklings.

Blog Photo - Duck Family

She must have squeezed herself under the fence.

Blog Photo - Ant and Moth

This ant, dragging a dead moth many times its size. It took the moth way across the verandah.

Blog Photo - Farmhouse Doorway

This beet, expected to be dark red, is somehow orange.

Blog Photo - Orange Beets

A single squash. It’s from a vine that strayed from…

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28 responses to “Wonders Never Cease

  1. Well-behaved gardens, like well-behaved children, never turn out to be as interesting as those that may stray:).

  2. Your garden is certainly full of life and energy…like a kindergarden class, it’s messy and unpredictable and willful, but full of joy

  3. Oh, I like it too! What a wonderful and lively garden you share with the other creatures!

  4. I wouldn’t dream of having a well behaved garden…far too predictable 🙂

  5. No wonder that the people who lived in nature rather than houses and offices felt that they were not separate from it. I am amazed how deeply I am drawn to the plants and animals around me when I am out in nature.

  6. Remarkable photographs… Truly beautiful, dear Cynthia… Best wishes. Aquileana 😉

  7. Great post. Because gardens are living things, they are full of surprises and not predictable. And usually the surprised are good.

  8. I love those surprises!

  9. I remember this post! 🙂

  10. I enjoyed this post. I understand what you mean about surprises in the garden. Sometimes there are small disappointments, but then there are these moments where you witness things that are so beautiful and unexpected in both the plant and animal kingdoms. 🙂

  11. All those little garden surprises … that’s a bit of magic right there, isn’t it? Love them all, especially that industrious ant bringing his/her find back to the nest.

  12. I love little surprises as well in my garden. I remember looking at those “hanging squash” in amazement last year. I need to try that. Now to get the man to build me an arbor 🙂

  13. Wonderful, happy pictures. I love the blushing peony and the lovely hosta circle round the tree.

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