A Good Home

The aspirational A-Z of a middle class home… Allegedly.

A fun post by Tracy Kellett that I’m delighted to share.

The Buying Agent

A   Annexe. For ‘the help’.

B   Boot room. Only Dubarrys allowed.

C   Corian worktops. White. Ribena banned.

D   Dualit toaster. Purely for show because carbs are BAD.

E   Emma Bridgewater mugs. Fifteen quid a pop. Mugs?

F   Fruit and veg juicer. Only used once due to cleaning ‘issues’.

G   Glass box extension plonked on the back of your Wandsworth semi.

H   Hens. Ex-battery, housed in a plastic Joseph & Joseph looky-likey Eglu.

I    Induction hob. For creating a real buzzzzz in the kitchen.

J  Joseph & Joseph everything.

K  KitchenAid mixer. Cos life’s too short to hold an electric whisk.

L  Lutron lighting. Because sometimes you’re in a pink mood but other times mauve.

M  Music. Sonos etc. Or as we used to call it, piped.

N  Nandos. The middle classes KFC.

O  Ocado. No moving to the country unless they…

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14 thoughts on “The aspirational A-Z of a middle class home… Allegedly.”

  1. This is funny, Cynthia – I don’t know exactly what half of these UK products are, but get the idea. Makes me glad to live without so much of the trendiness that I found appealing when younger. Hope you’re enjoying the fall and taking heart that we’re supposed to have a warmer winter this year!

    1. Yes, Beth, that’s it. I get the general idea and it made me smile. I tried to visit your blog to see if you posted anything about the pilgrimage, but your home page came up blank.

      1. I did a post about it, but an administrator for the Women’s Camino site asked to download it and also hyperlinked it because she thought it was useful – a site where women go to try to stay safe on the Camino. Some woman wrote a really ugly response – presumably because (like the Thailand posts), it wasn’t completely flattering and for some unfathomable reason, in the “Camino Culture”, no one is allowed to mention the negatives. My blog got so many hits from all over the world that I decided to make the blog un-public for awhile until the Camino site gets the downloaded file deleted and the link eliminated. Too much exposure for me!! Thanks for being interested in the post – I’ll open it back up after awhile.

      2. That’s one of the things I like about your posts: they are balanced, not just about what’s so fabulous. I look forward to reading it later, and am glad you went and returned safely.

      1. Richard has given up buying a newspaper at the weekend because it and the accompanying magazine that comes with it just made him so cross! I knew when he was reading these ‘lifestyle’ articles by all the sighing, Good Lord-ing, I don’t believe it-ing I was hearing!

      2. Yes!!! He usually read The Times but the Guardian, The Observer and The Telegraph are all the same. All of them weigh as much as a small child and cause just as much trouble.

  2. Wonderful! Spot on. Particularly shiny dualit toasters and bins at ridiculous prices and Emma Bridgewater mugs for mugs. And trendy plastic eglu hen houses . You didn’ t get as far as Z for zebra hide rug. Cos there’ s nothing nicer than walking on dead wildlife.

  3. These are funny, Cynthia! Some of these brands and products are unfamiliar to me here in the U.S., but I get the general idea. I like the product only used once due to “cleaning issues.” I have a few of those, too; if they don’t go in the dishwasher, they don’t get used a lot. 🙂 I also love Emma Bridgewater mugs, but they are indeed pricey. That might explain why I don’t have any. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Cynthia — I hope you have a great week!

    Big hugs,


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