43 thoughts on “A Golden Reminder of Summer”

      1. Sorry to hear that. I know about the flowers that won’t last through winter here, but didn’t think about the ones that just won’t do well in your tropical climes.

      2. Once you cross USDA Zone 10 all bets are off! You are probably Zone 4 or something close to it. Daylilies are amazing though, they grow from Canada to Central Florida.

  1. A nice bit of sunshine . I love the view of your garden, I’ d love to see more. I see a photo like this and always wonder what’ s behind you or just round the corner.

  2. Thanks for the pretty bright spot! I thought I was following you and was wondering why you hadn’t posted anything in awhile. 🙂 Okay, now I’m following you! Hope you’ve been well.

  3. What a beautiful lily! My reblooming daylilies never went through a second bloom this year. Discouraged by the heat! The cheery golden faces of dandelions are mostly what is left blooming now. Intrepid souls, they will be with us even in the dead of winter, staying low to the ground in protected places. Never met a dandelion I didn’t like!

    1. Thanks, Lavinia. Sorry your rebloomers didn’t rebloom. I know about the dandelion cheery faces – which reminds us that every thing has its purpose – even a common weed.

  4. You have some late flowering day Lilies, I’d like to add some to my garden too Cynthia, I only have the kind which flower earlier. There is much talk here of a harsh winter ahead, but we mainly talk about the weather over here! Hopefully that just means time to reflect on some lovely summer flower photos!

    1. Mine did flower for quite a while, Julie, but this photo was taken in early September. We were having frigid weather last week, so I decided to post a warm, sunny picture. We Canadians are the same about the weather. It’s almost the lingua franca of Canadian conversation.

  5. It’s dark and our thermometer claims that it is 3C outside – a wonderful time to find a sunny day lily reminding me of the beauty of summer. Particularly now that all the summer beauty has been put to bed here, and all that’s left to enjoy is the colours of autumn. Glorious colours, to be sure, especially the red of the sumac, but they do remind me that winter will come again this year…

  6. It is gorgeous, Cynthia… And we could be even in the same wavelength somehow because I have also taken a photograph of a very similar yellow flower a few weeks ago… Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 🍀🌹

  7. How nice to see that we share the same flowers in our garden. I have exactly the same Lily in my Cottage Garden. I know that the petals are edible, but I value their early Autumn colour far too much to do that.
    I hope that you are working AND resting inbetween. I must learn to practice what I preach! 🙂

      1. It is just the Day Lilies which are edible, all the rest should never be eaten.
        I find that being the kind of person who is driven to succeed and who associates being busy and productive with having a rewarding life, that other people suggesting that I slow down just runs off me like water off a ducks back. When I collapse through exhaustion I always promise to do everything in moderation thereafter. But the trouble is that I am trying to compensate for the very full and meaningful life which I have lost. I wonder if you can relate to that?

      2. I understand completely – having ended up being lectured to by doctors or therapists several times! I explain that it’s hard to see stuff that needs doing — and sit idly by. But they don’t buy it. In your case, you are also extremely creative, so you must see all kinds of potential projects. Wishing you a great weekend.

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