A Good Home


Source: Memoir month

Reviews matter to writers and readers both.  I can hardly describe how thrilling it was to read this review, and to find myself in such excellent company too.  Thanks, Hilary Custance Green.

33 thoughts on “MEMOIR MONTH”

  1. Oh Cynthia, you must have such a beautiful smile on your face! But it’s really about how this kind of review makes one feel inside. It is so good to get recognition, especially in this context. Maya Angelou together with Cynthia Reyes? Now that is cause for a party!
    I have ordered the book ,just now, on Amazon. I don’t want to miss out .

    1. Thank you very much, Tina. I was so lacking in confidence at first that when people said they were re-reading the book, I’d quake, thinking: And this time they won’t like it at all! I’ve since come to realize that it’s just the kind of book that people read over and over — and that is a huge compliment.

    1. Thanks, Lavinia, for reading my book and for this nice comment too. I’m working on that next book and am regrettably slow. Plus, the first book got so much great feedback from readers, I’m a bit intimidated about this one!

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