Hot and lush

I’m in Ontario, where the weather outside is — freezing! And I’m dreaming of warm weather and fresh fruit and veggies. A talented New Zealand photographer and organic farmer shares scenes of her home place with us and helps me daydream a little. Do take the video tour as well. Congrats, Julie!

Frog Pond Farm

This is one of those l-o-n-g posts boarding on being boring 😀

We have had so much rain over summer Frog Pond Farm is looking lush … very unusual for this time of year.

frog pond-1220075

Those thieving possums have been paying nightly visits to the orchard munching on an array of fruit, while the turkeys are gathering in numbers window shopping. Hubby netted a couple of trees, while Bill my father-in-law has pegged some paper bags over pears (interesting to see if this works). Frankly anything to keep the wildlife away is a bonus, trust me!

muriwai beauty-1220429

Our peaches are ripening in a hurry and are just delicious. There is nothing much better than standing in the orchard biting into a peach and having the juice dribble down your chin. Heaven!

The Damson plum is laden with fruit, as are the apple and pear trees. Our persimmon is boasting fruit this year and the…

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16 responses to “Hot and lush

  1. Merci Cynthia de partager avec nous cette douceur et cette agréable lumière. Je crois que nous attendons tous le printemps et la renaissance qui l’accompagne 😉 Bon WE à toi

  2. They have a very beautiful place! Although we are not far off from spring here, it is good to see the gardens in full swing somewhere.

  3. Gorgeous photos. It is lovely to see pictures of summer lushness when we haven’ t managed to emerge from winter’ s clutches. Still, it won’ t be long now.

  4. It’s good to have friends in warm places! 🙂

  5. You can put plastic zip lock bags over the fruit too to protect them. What a lovely place!

  6. Cynthia, what a treat to watch the video too. Lush and lovely gardens.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. Margaret Mair

    Thank you for sharing this, Cynthia. A touch of warmth on such a cold day!

  8. Thank-you for the re-blog Cynthia – I loved this post and the video is gorgeous!

  9. Whenever I see someone who has left the corporate world to do organic farming or somesuch, I am tempted. And then I remember that I’m not cut out for farming b/c I scream when I find a dead mouse in the basement, I cringe when she talks of mites in the video. I am a ninny that way:). But, I love to see the life and the beauty she has created!

  10. Ah, fresh peaches! It’s snowing outside again but a gal can dream, can’t she?! 😉

  11. Your post is exactly what I need this chilly evening 🙂

  12. It’s beautiful, isn’t it. I always enjoy Julie’s posts.

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