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Nature, The Boss Lady

A fave….

Cynthia Reyes

Some gardeners will

Their flowers place

According to their measure

Blog Photo - Garden - Low flowers in front of tulips

Tall ones in back

Short ones in front

‘Tis best for viewing pleasure


I wish I could

Claim this is what

Takes place in my own garden


But that would be

A lie from me

I’d have to beg your pardon

Blog Photo - Garden short flowers in front forget-me-nots

It started out

In this way, yes

All was in perfect order

Blog Photo - Garden short plants

But I forgot

To see what’s what

And Nature changed the border

Blog Photo - Garden Tall Flowers Everywhere

So now the tall ones

Bloom in front

While short ones hide behind them

Blog Photo - Garden Tall flowers in front

And if I want

To see most flow’rs

I have to go and find them.

Blog Photo - Garden Tall flowers gone wild


Dedicated to all who think they can perfectly control a garden. And to those who know better.

Cynthia Reyes Copyright August 2014

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45 thoughts on “Nature, The Boss Lady”

  1. I loved this! I was lamenting to myself while out in my own yard today. I was thinking about the plans I had years ago, and how the yard has a mind of its own. 🙂

  2. A beautiful dedication, Cynthia! Gardens are like children. We gardeners may plant the seeds and tend the starts, but we can only shape them so much as they grow. Eventually their own personalities take over and we are surprised one day at what they have chosen to do. Mother Nature is forever whispering words of insurrection in their ears.

  3. Ha! Love this! Nature does her own thing plus I tend to buy random plants at garage sales and plunk them down wherever there’s an open patch of earth! Total randomness!

  4. Oh this is great Cynthia and how true. But what a good thing that nature does its own thing. I loathe gardens that are too controlled. And sometimes the plant combinations turn out to be perfect and people think how clever and artistic you are. I always say thank you and smile modestly.

  5. Lovely garden shorts. I’m not a gardner but your post reminds me of life. You can plant with this best design in mind but the outcome may not be exactly as expected.

  6. I love this poem! I am a sporadic gardener (though I’d love to be out there all day every day) and while my back is turned all sorts of changes are made. Nature makes some very interesting colour combinations! Your garden looks beautiful!

  7. So true, Cynthia. I’ve learned I will never have an orderly, planned garden. No matter how much I weed, things still grow where they wish. This year, I have resolved to simply let them be…

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